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Zoom to produce movies for its ‘Home Theatre’ slot

December 8, 2010


Entertainment channel Zoom is all set to jump properly in film making domain. The channel is emphasizing on small budget movie production for its dedicated slot ‘Home Theatre’.

Omar Qureshi (Editor-in-Chief, Zoom) told, “At Zoom, our aim is to engage viewers in different ways. We are anyway creating content which is appealing to our TG. So the idea was to produce films as well.”

“Zoom has produced two movies, Kaam Ka Plot, which it aired on 7 November, and Punaah which is to air on 21 November.”

“We are waiting for the response of these two films. Already the industry has given us thumbs up. If all goes well, we may start producing such movies regularly,” Qureshi says.

Also, for regular feeding of its Home Theatre slot, the channel has acquired some small budget films of film stars like Ranveer Shorey, Vinay Pathak, Rahul Bose etc.

Qureshi says, “Home Theatre is an exciting initiative this festive season, wherein we are premiering six movies which have never been seen on Indian Television. These are movies across various genres from supernatural thrillers to suspense dramas and romantic comedies. We foresee this as an enjoyable experience for our viewers.”

The channel has aired Perfect Mismatch on 14 November, while Before the Rains, Ek Anhonee and Rave Party will be aired on 28 November, 5 December and 12 December.

Hrithik Roshan on Zoom’s Bollywood Biographies

November 22, 2008

Zoom will be showcasing Hrithik Roshan on Bollywood Biographies. The episode will be aired on 21 November at 8.30 pm.

Says Kishore Namit Kapoor, “He had never told his parents about his training, and that he wanted to become an actor. He came very quietly. We did a scene from a play, it was a solo scene, so we recorded that and he took the cassette home and he showed it to Rakesh Roshan. Late night, I received a phone from Rakesh Roshan and Mr. Roshan said, ‘ Kishorji I never believed in training but today I have to say with lots of pride a son was born to  me, today a star is born.”

“Kaho Na Pyar Hai became a super blockbuster and Hrithik became a huge name in this country. So much so, that he won the Filmfare award directly in challenge with Shah Rukh Khan who was and is known as the king of Bollywood,” says Sanjay Khan.

Zoom to air Anupam Kher on Let’s Talk

February 22, 2008

With almost 340 movies behind him, Anupam Kher is a true veteran of the Hindi film industry. Add to that his years in theatre, and you have a career that borders on the legendary. Find out a little more about the affable Anupam Kher as he chats with Tarana Raja Kapoor on celebrity chat show Let’s Talk. This is on 20 February at 8:00 pm on glamour and entertainment channel Zoom.

From humble beginnings to a gold medal at the National School of Drama, Kher speaks about his rise to stardom through the expression that mattered most to him — theatre. He credits his passion for the craft with being able to execute all manner of roles effortlessly.

Asked about his contribution to Indian cinema, Kher replies, “I don’t think I have done a great service to mankind, or that the face of Indian cinema has changed because of me. There have been a lot of actors who have done great work and have contributed substantially. The key is to not take oneself seriously.”

The conversation heats up when Tarana tries digging up secrets from Anupam’s past. She mentions an episode from his childhood, when he allegedly stole 100 rupees to pay for admission to a drama school in Chandigarh. Kher narrates the incident that eventually led to his being selected by the school.