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Zee Studio in marketing for push for Godfather

August 21, 2010

Zee Studio, which is airing The Godfather trilogy on Saturdays at 9 pm, has kicked off a campaign.

To pull the younger audience to this Hollywood cult Trilogy, Zee Studio has created a Godfather Face Book page where it is running two contests – Godfather Confessions – Trivia and Post your Godfather Picture.

In Godfather Confessions – Trivia, users will post onto the wall or in the notes section.

In Post your Godfather Picture, users can post their suited up ‘God fatherly’ pictures to get a prize.

Zee Studio is promoting the property off air to build appointment viewership via Sms Godfather Trivia Questions campaign. Questions posted on TV during films have to be answered correctly to win prizes.

Zee Studio has specially branded God Father Buses plying across Mumbai. It has also tied up with a Radio Channel to promote the “Ride The God Father bus”.

In extension to the campaign, a month long theatre slides and Translites in all major Theatre chains in Metros are done. OOH Media has also been tapped to promote the Trilogy.

Zee Studio plans to continue showcasing crime movies in this time band, after it has exhausted the trilogy.


Zee Studio adds mini-series to content lineup

December 6, 2008

English movie channel Zee Studio is adding mini-series into its content lineup.

The channel has inked a content deal with BBC Worldwide for this purpose and will be showing television adaptations of classics of English literature.

The mini-series, which airs tonight at 10.30 pm, will include Pride and Prejudice, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and Vanity Fair.

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Zee Studio business head Sujoy Kutti notes that the aim is to attract family audiences.

The action kicks off with Pride and Prejudice. The mini-series has six one-hour episodes.

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Next in line is a fresh rendition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous Sherlock Holmes story, The Hound of the Baskervilles, on 26 December. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson take on the case of Sir Henry Baskerville, hoping to protect him from the terrifying fate that has befallen his family for generations.

In January, viewers can join Becky Sharp in the six one-hour episode Vanity Fair as she schemes to climb the social ladder and attains success by exploiting her guile, good looks and the gullibility of doting males.

Zee Studio will also showcase an adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre in four episodes. The adaptation mines Bronte’s novel for every ounce of passion, drama, colour, madness and horror available, bringing to life Jane’s inner world with beauty, humor and at times great sadness.

It will also air an adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, the tale of Emma Bovary, her thirst for life and her many lovers who let her down.