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Hollywood brings great TRPs for Tamil channels

May 21, 2009

Guess what’s pulling eyeballs and bringing in the bucks on telly these days ? No, it’s not the reality shows or Tamil movies. It is, in fact, the dubbed Hollywood films that are bringing in great TRPs. Surprised, right ?

The phenomenon of dubbed films has always existed in Kollywood. Films from Telugu were regularly dubbed into Tamil and movies like Jaganmohini, Vyjayanthi IPS and Idhu Dhaandaa Police enjoyed a glorious run in theatres across Tamil Nadu.

However, it was The Mummy, released in 1999, that kick-started the trend of dubbed Hollywood films raking in the moolah at the box office, says Mohan Kumar, who owns a dubbing studio which provides content for Vijay TV.

In fact, it was Vijay TV that started this trend of showing dubbed Hollywood films on TV. What was it that prompted the channel to go in this direction ?

K Sriram, general manager, Vijay TV, said, “We had this three-hour slot for which we needed alternative content. We opted for dubbed flicks as we had a few titles with us and movies are movies, whether dubbed or otherwise. The first film to be shown was Titanic in 2003.”

Sriram also reveals that it is action flicks and movies involving animals, like Babe, that are usually dubbed as they appeal to kids, who form a major part of the audience.

Although other channels like Sun TV, Kalaignar TV and Raj TV have started cashing in on this trend only recently, the response they’ve been receiving is tremendous. That Sun TV , which has the rights of many popular Tamil films (reportedly over 3,000 titles), has created two prime-time slots (11.30 am and 7.30 pm) for these dubbed films from last Sunday should prove the lucrative nature of these films.

Today, a Hollywood flick is sold to the regional TV channels non-exclusively for a sum ranging anywhere between Rs 1 and Rs 3 lakh. Films of action stars like Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and films with special-effects like Underworld, The Mummy and X-Men are hot in the trade. 

The dubbing costs for a film vary between Rs 1 and Rs 1.5 lakh. Most channels outsource the dubbing to private dubbing studios. So, how do these studios go about the process ?

Says Mohan Kumar, “First, we go through the dialogues of the film and translate them. Then, we select the dubbing artistes whose voices we think will suit the characters and dub the film.We preview the film and once we’re satisfied, we do the mixing and hand over the film to the studio.”

The Tamil dialogues are perhaps the biggest attraction for many viewers, especially teenagers. “Watching Jackie Chan talk in Chennai slang or Arnold mouthing Rajinikanth’s punch dialogues certainly provides a different experience,” says Praveen Kumar, a college student.

However, Mohan Kumar feels that going overboard with such gimmicks will alienate viewers from the movie. “Viewers should for get that they’re watching a dubbed film. They should only feel that they’re watching an English film,” he says. 

His principle, he says, is to retain the essence of the English dialogue and ensure that the concept doesn’t change during translation.

Now, even mythological serials are being dubbed in order to reach a wider audience. Sun TV’s Ramayanam, a dubbed version of the Hindi original, and Raj TV’s Jai Sri Krishna have been garnering impressive TRPs.

Star Vijay to launch two Chennai Super Kings shows

February 1, 2009
Talk about exploiting a winning horse and Star Vijay is doing just that. The Star-owned Tamil entertainment channel has partnered with IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) owner India Cements for two reality shows/talent hunts, Chennai Super Kings Juniors (CSK Juniors) and Chennai Super Kings Cheerleaders (CSK Cheerleaders).

CSK Juniors will go on air on weekends (on Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm) from 21 February and will run for 20 episodes. Auditions are to be held at Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy and 11 kids between 8-12 years will be recognized as the CSK Juniors. These kids will get to watch all the CSK matches in Chennai sitting in the pavilion. The top three contenders (the best bowler, best batsman and best all rounder) will get an opportunity to be present with the CSK team at their net practice and will get a chance to travel with them to any one of the other IPL matches.

CSK Cheerleaders is slated to go on air on 20 February (every Friday at 10 pm) and will run for 10 episodes. As the show’s name suggests, it will test a number of boys and girls on their dancing skills and cheering routines over a series of competitive rounds, to find CSK cheerleaders. The selected team will be cheering the CSK team in every IPL match and will also be recognized as the official cheerleaders.

To top this all, the show will have CSK and India skipper MS Dhoni as a lynchpin of sorts. Dhoni will be seen acting in the promos of CSK Juniors and CSK Cheerleaders. Other CSK team members VB Chandrasekar, S Badrinath, L Balaji, Krishnamachari Srikanth and percussionist Sivamani will also be joining him on Vijay TV.

The Star management is pretty kicked about the tie up. And with good reason. Dhoni, IPL 2008 finalist CSK, a talent hunt for junior cricketers, and youngsters who will be recognised as CSK official cheerleaders, you can’t get a better package than that for the cricket crazy denizens of Tamil Nadu. 

Hear out Star India CEO Uday Shankar: “This is the first time that a GEC has tied up with a sporting event like the IPL in the manner that we have; a great strategy to capitalize on the brand and generate viewership.”

Adds India Cements head marketing Rakesh Singh: “The first season of IPL was a roaring success and the CSK reached the finals. We wanted a television partner with whom we could associate and take this great brand to the roots of Tamil Nadu. Star Vijay approached us with these two concepts which will popularise the brand.”

Vijay TV GM K Sriram further adds, “We are sure that we will put our best foot forward in making this content interesting to both the cricket lovers and the general audiences. This show will portray the aspirations of kids and their passion for the game striking a chord with the families as well. The show will surely generate interest of advertisers both in the national and retail markets.”

Sriram says that the channel has kept sponsorship open to one title and eight associate sponsors. “There is a lot of interest from about a dozen potential advertisers for the same even in these tough economic times because of our offering. We expect to close the title sponsorship for about Rs 10 million and associates at about Rs 4 million.”

He expects Star Vijay’s weekend share which is at 10 per cent today to grow to 12.5 to 13 per cent.

Now all that is left is that the CSK shows draw in those numbers.

Dasavatharam producer sues Vijay TV

October 16, 2008

Aascar Ravichandran, who produced Kamal Haasan’s latest film Dasavatharam, has filed a civil case against Star India owned Vijay TV for defaming his film and for allegedly using clips from the film without permission in one of its television programmes titled Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru – Comedy King, which airs every Saturday on the channel.

The producer said that he was shocked to see his film Dasavatharam being spoofed on the show last week. “First of all, I have not given any promotional clippings to Vijay TV. Besides using them illegally, they have also mocked the movie scenes with the ten avatars played by Kamal.”

“I have consulted my lawyer to get a stay order against the programme. It was R.G. Venkatesh, the distributor of Kamal’s debut Kannada film Kokila who alerted me on this issue.” Aascar says.

Vijay TV airs the standup comedy show every Saturday, where the participants spoof celebrities. In last week’s show, the participants gave a live voice-over to all the original characters in the clippings of the film, which is still running in many theatres in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

“Even popular debater Solomon Papaiya and director K Bhagyaraj were made fun in the name of satire. But the original footage of these celebrities was never used. I received many mails and SMSs from Kamal’s fans who objected to their matinee idol being ridiculed in this way by the channel.” continues Aascar.

However, Vijay TV denies the allegations that the show was created with the intention to demean the film. “The programme was done in a lighter vein and we never thought it would hurt the sentiments of the producer and the fans of Kamal Haasan. In the due course, we will talk to the producer and also the actor to sort out the issue amicably,” says K Sriram, head, Vijay TV.

Vijay TV to launch Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva

July 3, 2008

Vijay TV will launch a new reality show titled Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva (Who amongst you is the next Prabhu Deva), which will hunt for Tamil Nadu’s next Prabhu Deva.

The new show, which will hit the airwaves in August, will be on air every Thursday and Friday between 9 pm and 10 pm. Amul has been roped in as the title sponsor of the show.

K Sriram, head, Vijay TV, said, “There have been dance competitions on Tamil television before, but Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva is a notch above the rest as its endorsed by the greatest dancer of our times, Prabhu Deva. This show would for sure redefine prime time viewership in the state, and we hope it to be a great success like our earlier reality shows.”

The show would provide a platform for people in the 16-35 age group to showcase their dancing prowess, which will be judged by Prabhu Deva himself. The ace dancer and choreographer is considered as India’s answer to Michael Jackson and has choreographed over 100 movies in many Indian languages, including Bollywood.

Vijay TV will conduct auditions in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy for the new dance show. The selected contestants from each zone would then be put through several competitive rounds in various styles of ‘desi’ and international dance forms and the winner would be adjudged by Deva himself.

‘Tamil Pechu Engal Muchu’ on Vijay TV

March 1, 2008

Vijay TV is out to capture the passion for Tamil language among the people of Tamil Nadu in its new show ‘Tamil Pechu Engal Muchu’, which would go on air from March 2 on Sundays at 9 am.

The channel had conducted an intensive statewide hunt for the most competent Tamil orators spanning Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Thirunelveli and Chennai. From these six zones, over 200 orators were shortlisted, who were then put to task at various levels of competition. Post elimination, Vijay TV has chosen 30 final contestants, who would be put to test in several rounds varying from story narration, poetry recital, debate and elocution during the course of the show.

Renowned Tamil scholars like ‘Thamizh Kadal’ Nellai Kannan and Arivumathi would form the jury panel. The winner of the contest would be crowned the best Tamil orator of Tamil Nadu. He/she would also get to take home a prize money of Rs 5 lakh.

K Sriram, Head of Vijay TV, said, “The programme is our way of thanking and respecting our language, Tamil, and the great scholars who were and are associated with it. This programme in a small way would promote the art of speaking in good Tamil.”