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Chandra’s ICL put’s up first list of sponsors

November 7, 2007

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has announced the first list of partners for the ICL 20-20 tournament to be held at Chandigarh later this month.

The partners are Provogue, TCI, Sab Miller and Microsoft. ICL president sales and sponsorships Satish Menon said, “We welcome our partners on board and are happy with the overwhelming response we have received from the market. We have many more partners that are in the final stages of confirmation.”

Provogue president Bipin Gurnani said, “This association for the merchandise of ICL gear will help build brand ICL through our 126 stores across the country. It will also help launch the big business of sports merchandising in India as well.”
MSN India executive producer Krishna Prasad said, “Cricket online is today restricted to bits and pieces of information and primarily text based; partnering with ICL we will help showcase cricket for the online community in ways beyond what has been done till date. We are happy to partner and bring the game alive on MSN India. The new face of cricket on the web will be unveiled in the next two weeks.”

Sab Miller director marketing Apurv Nagpal said, “Fosters is proud to partner ICL in this exciting new venture. Cricket and especially twenty-20 cricket, is fun, adventurous and high-energy, all attributes that Fosters stands for as well. We hope that the spectators enjoy watching the matches along with Fosters, to the fullest.

What’s the BCCI’s official IPC gana do, wait and see.

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