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Global Broadcasting Rights for ‘Restrepo’ Grabbed by Nat Geo

January 23, 2010

The famous opening night documentary ‘Restrepo’ which was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival will be telecasted globally by National Geographic Channel U.S and National Geographic Channels International, as they grabbed its worldwide TV rights for the viewing of Television consumers.

This marvelous creation is the outcome of the dedicated combined efforts by award winning Photo Journalist Tim Hetherington and Author/Journalist Sebastian Junger. This Documentary portrays the deployment of a platoon of US Soldiers at an isolated 15 man outpost Restrepo, situated in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. This place is considered as one of the most dangerous postings in the U.S. Army. Current Theatrical Rights of Restrepo are hold by United Talent Agency.

NGC to take viewers on an African Safari

November 4, 2008

National Geographic Channel (NGC) will take viewers on an African Safari later this month. The action takes place at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The Safari special will offer viewers four hours of one-on-one encounters with Africa’s most majestic creatures. The show lasts for seven days starting 9 November, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am and from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

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Broadcasting live from Nwanetsi Concession at Singita located inside Kruger National Park, Caught on Safari: Live! will capture a landscape where large prides of lions thrive along with other species including buffalo, leopard, elephant, white and black rhinos. Viewers will hear directly from the game rangers and wildlife trackers watching over Singita along with veterinarians, learning about Africa’s conservation issues as well as specific initiatives taking place in Kruger National Park.

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NGC India senior VP, content and communication Rajesh Sheshadri says, “Caught on Safari: Live! would be an unforgettable and rewarding television experience as it would enable viewers to be a part of wild life encounters in real time. Viewers from anywhere in the world can observe and experience a great wealth of information shared by the game guide coupled with the anticipation of what a safari can offer.”

To wire the wild for an up-close look at life in this animal kingdom, cameras will be set up at watering holes around the park and other locations. Mobile cameras on trucks will also accompany the guides as they track various animals.

Every technique used will be designed to non-invasively capture animals at home in their natural element. As an ultimate safari guide, the weeklong live event will present an incredible and unpredictable look at animal behaviour, inspiring resiliency and wildlife survival that can only be captured live.

The live event will be telecast worldwide in 166 countries on National Geographic Channel as well as online at

NGC enters HD era in India, announces four channels

May 22, 2008

The National Geographic Channel Network today announced its entry into High Definition television in India with the launch of four new channels, but admitted that it was still awaiting downlinking permission from the Information and Broadcasting ministry.

Apart from the Network’s core Nat Geo channel which would also be simulcast as Nat Geo HD, the other three channels are Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Music, and Nat Geo Adventure. NGC International (NGCI) Executive Vice President – Content Sydney Suissa claimed that they were all different from other channels of similar content being beamed into India.

NGC Managing Director – South Asia Nikhil Mirchandani said at a press conference here that the channels were already being aired in Asia and would be beamed into India within weeks of getting the necessary permissions. He said the NGC had applied some weeks earlier and had also commenced dialogues with cable networks and direct-to-home service providers. Details about subscription and revenue would be decided after the clearance from the government.

The core Nat Geo Channel has already been present in the country for 11 years and is now being shot in HD format, though it is beamed in the country in Standard Definition format. Mirchandani said that the SD format would gradually be phased out as people in the country switch to HD technology.

Suissa said that the music channel would have unique content as it would not be based merely on renowned singers but would also focus on local, indigenous and folk musical forms from all over the world. It would have renowned artistes in its Geo Sessions slot.

The other two channels – Adventure and Wild – would also be unique in that they would go to places and show content no other channels are showing at present. The Nat Geo Wild will also attempt to highlight the message of preserving wildlife and the planet, while Nat Geo Adventure works on the catchline ‘Lt’s Get Lost’. The Nat Geo Wild will have around 350 to 400 hours of premiere programming while Adventure will have around 250 hours.

Through the new channels, viewers will be able to access a comprehensive and diverse bouquet of accurate, credible and entertaining programming suitable for the entire family, Suissa said.

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Added Mirchandani: “The core channel will continue to expand its successful contemporary science, technology and exploration strands and will be clearly differentiated from the specialist Nat Geo Channels. We are well-known for our commitment to compelling programming across genres and we feel that this is the right time to launch new channels that will cater to the growing public appetite for high quality television viewing. The plan is in alignment with the NGC Network’s strategy to offer its viewers a compelling offering on the DTH platform.”

Noting that 95 per cent of all NGC programmes are already shot in high definition format, Suissa said Nat Geo HD will use enhanced picture frame composition, sharper picture quality and surround sound system.

Mirchandani noted that India was one of the upmarkets for NGC, which presently beamed to 160 countries. He claimed the core National Geographic Channel continues to grow in viewership and revenues.

NGC Asia expands Nat Geo Junior block to other countries

February 5, 2008

National Geographic Channel (NGC) Asia has expanded its Nat Geo Junior block to other Asian countries. This block is already present in India.The one-hour block is now also airing on the Hong Kong and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) regional sattllite feed. Nat Geo Junior was created to inspire young viewers to explore the world beyond the classroom through its educational and highly engaging documentary programmes.

NGC Asia senior VP (programming and broadcasting) David Gunson says, “National Geographic Channel has always been the trusted partner in exploration, education and conservation. Nat Geo Junior is the perfect companion for teachers, parents and students to explore beyond the classrooms. From the little known facts of how things work to the everyday science and the secrets of the wild, Nat Geo Junior documentary programmes are informative, engaging and offers fresh insight into our world.”

In Asia, Nat Geo Junior is expected to reach over six million households for viewers aged 7 – 16 years.

“We are excited with the launch of Nat Geo Junior in Asia. While National Geographic Channel is about pushing the boundary of the way we understand our modern world, Nat Geo Junior provides a positive, fresh, relevant and trusted learning environment for our young viewers,” adds Gunson.

The current programming lineup includes I Didn’t Know That, Mad Labs as well as the premiering series Wild Detectives.