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DD failed as CWG broadcaster; didn’t live up to the expectations

October 18, 2010

Sweating hard for nearly a year for the grand telecast of Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, the official broadcaster for the event Doordarshan disappointed viewers in its first High definition telecast of the ceremony.

Doordarshan had pulled its socks nearly a year back for the world class transmission of the Commonwealth games extravagant opening ceremony. The ceremony’s success was also vital from the point of country’s image and stature in front of the whole world.

Now that the flamboyant success of the ceremony has slammed the critics, DD is facing the same condemnation not only by the media but also from the common viewers. Ill-timed advertisements popping up suddenly during an important event irritated viewers the most. The sudden explosion of property ads and tourism promoting ads from Andhra Pradesh CM K. Rosiah were just too hard to hold patience.


The biggest setback was the 55 mins delay of the broadcast compared to SIS LIVE’s transmission (DD’s broadcast partner of CWG in UK) which led many viewers baffeled. Due to this telecast delay, people of the host country lacked behind the world in viewing of their own ceremony. We, the people of India finished watching the ceremony almost an hour later the whole world was done with the enjoyment.

Moreover, the mingled commentary of Hindi and English commentators confused viewers in making out the exact details of the performances, raising questions on both the sincerity of them towards the event and the selection procedure. Advertisements capturing nearly two third of the screen space while the proceedings of the ceremony annoyed viewers like anything.

All these loopholes have once again erected a platform for pointing out fingers on the ability of Doordarshan as a broadcaster for such a big event. Moreover, inefficiency of its employees intoxicated with the venom of bureaucracy has surfaced in media.

People who take DD on target due to its rigid bureaucratic approach, old formats and treatment of programming have been bestowed with a chance of doing the same, with these chinks in the armor of public broadcaster.

DD starts Golden Anniversary celebrations with Rahman concert

August 13, 2009

Doordarshan (DD) will complete 50 years of transmission in September this year. Ambika Soni, the Information and Broadcasting Minister has flagged off the occasion by a curtain-raiser concert – ‘AR Rahman Unplugged’, which was a collaboration between DD and Phat Phish India.

In the concert, Rahman performed some of his compositions along with singers like Hariharan, Kailash Kher and Sadhana Sargam. Sivamani was also a part of this enthralling evening.

Aruna Sharma, director general, DD, says, “The show has all the hallmarks that one would associate with the musical genius – a delightful infusion of music, creativity, passion and individuality to mark this historic occasion of turning 50.”

From humble beginnings in 1959, when DD started with experimental telecast using a small transmitter and a makeshift studio, DD today operates more than 30 channels across India and an international channel abroad.

DD will soon commence HDTV transmissions on an experimental basis, followed by a commercial rollout, in time for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in 2010. Thus, Indian television viewers will be able to watch the Commonwealth Games on HDTV ready televisions.

KR Harish, managing director, Phat Phish India, says, “We are happy to work with DD and bring in content that will not only kick start the golden jubilee celebration, but also usher in programming of scale richness that will start a new era on DD.”

DD’s year-long anniversary celebrations will mark a series of events across all centres, which will culminate with the 2010 Commonwealth Games next year.

Production houses to seek legal recourse on DD ban

August 6, 2009

Banned for two years by Doordarshan, a majority of the 13 production houses are seeking legal recourse.

The production houses were banned for submitting blank or repeat tapes under the Short-Term Acquisition Scheme for 2006-07 launched by Doordarshan.
Though none wanted to be named for fear of compromising their position, the heads of these houses told that they were already seeking legal advice. It is learnt that a High Court has stayed the order with regard to one production house.

Some, however, said they had written letters to Doordarshan explaining their position and seeking personal hearing, and would approach the courts only if they did not receive a satisfactory reply. The proprietor of one house alleged conspiracy by some corrupt DD officials.

Parliament was informed late last month that the tapes were submitted to meet the deadline for submission of remaining episodes of the recommended programmes. The ban is effective from April this year.

The companies include BAG Film and Media Ltd, Saif Entertainment, Tirupati Production, Astra Productions, Touchstone Communications, Rainbow Films, Matrix Entertainment, Magick Works, Vaishnu Films, Shrey Media Entertainments, Montage Films, Meghna U-Matic Vision, and Bajaj Animation Kendra.

The pubcaster had invited TV producers to participate in the special scheme in 2007 if they had ready programmes on special subjects. The special topics included 150 years of the First War of Indian independence and shows for family viewing.

This is not the first instance of blank tapes being submitted to Doordarshan. A total of around 250 blank tapes had been submitted in early 2007 for the DD Urdu channel.

Goa Doordarshan Kendra upgrades with hi-tech studio

December 22, 2008


The Doordarshan Kendra in the Goa state is set to give Goan audiences a series of quality programmes with the upgraded hi-tech studio ready for recording from today December 22.

The small television relay centre which was set up in 1982, has been upgraded to a state-of-the-art high power transmitter and programme generating facility comprising a studio floor area of around 50 sq m.

An additional high power transmitter for news services has also been set up. An additional studio facility (ASF) is also going to be added to the existing set-up shortly.

This ASF will comprise a floor area of more than 130 sq m, which is more than double the area of the existing studio. The studio is now equipped to record large panel discussions with bigger audiences compared to 2-way or 3-way panel discussions in the existing studio.

Speaking to us, C S Bharve, director, Doordarshan Kendra – Goa, said, “There is enough space to house an audience of over 100 in the new studio. This gives us enough space to record interactions. It will definitely improve the quality of our programmes. We will be able to record ‘tiatrs’ and ‘nataks’.”

The new studio has a 28 m by 4.5 m seamless cyclorama to provide an even background to recordings. Thirty four self climbing hoists which are motor controlled and can hold 4 lights each, have been provided. Lights have a dimming facility to provide special effects for drama production and skits. Assorted lights such as day lights and halogen lights have also been provided. 

The day lights provided are energy efficient and have little effect on air conditioning as a negligible amount of heat is produced. Three state-of-the-art cameras have also been provided in the studio. A channel audio mixer with facilities including talk back and fold back have been positioned. This mixer can be used for stereo recordings whenever required. 

Another 16 channel vision mixers are provided to connect various sources. This vision mixer is supported with the latest software for production of programmes with high quality digital effects. Productions will be recorded in VCRs with a DVC PRO 50 format of the latest version.

A programme server has also been provided for tape less production and storage of programmes with archival importance. It will also save time in locating and replaying a particular programme. This studio has been integrated with both, transmitter and earth stations thus making it capable of transmitting live performances via terrestrial mode as well as satellite mode at any given time.