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Discovery Communications to introduce science with a new look

April 13, 2011

Discovery Communications, the network which is watched in more than 68 million homes, has come up with a new look and television’s most dynamic logo “Morph”. The channel will reveal its new look on Science on June 8 at 10:00 PM, in combination with the world premiere second season of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

Morph has been design in a way that it will change its shape, texture and sound constantly to surprise and challenge even the most daring and wild imaginations.

Debbie Adler Myers, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Science said that, Science is more than a channel; it’s a multifaceted, multiplatform community that captures a distinct zeitgeist within their culture. To reflect that, they were officially dropping the “Channel” from their network name. He added, he was thrilled to unveil their new logo, Morph. It’s futuristic, it’s novel and there is nothing else like it on television. Morph is constantly in motion and always would be changing, on-air and online.

The Science will not only change in its look and packaging but also in its content and the way of looking.

Commenting on this new move Myers further added, he always said that Science is far more provocative than men in white lab coats. It’s for people who look at the world differently. Science is full of questions, curiosity, mystery, and wonder. It rides the edge of what’s possible. They were not changing the direction of the network; they were just recruiting a bigger audience to sample the joys of Science.

Discovery Networks to launch three new channels in India

August 13, 2009

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific will launch three new 24-hour channels in India – Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo and Discovery HD. Permission for the new channels was granted by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on August 12, 2009.

Rahul Johri, senior vice-president and general manager – India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “In the current environment, networks that have a distinct brand proposition will emerge as the preferred destinations for viewers, advertisers and affiliates alike.”

Johri adds, “The changing market dynamics, favourable demographics, and research, suggest that millions of viewers in India would enjoy Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo and Discovery HD’s unique and high-quality programme offering.”

The company plans to launch Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo on both analog and digital platforms, while Discovery HD will be launched only on the digital platform. All three channels are available in English.

The new launches increase the breadth of Discovery’s television offering in India to six channels. Currently, Discovery broadcasts Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel & Living and Animal Planet.

Discovery Science is dedicated to making science programming accessible, relevant and entertaining. The channel’s programming genres will include exploration, cutting-edge discoveries, medical research, astronomy, space, genetics and human body.

Discovery Turbo is a new network offering entertaining and inspiring programming for people who love the adrenaline rush of all things motored. Its programming will include events (car, boat, bike shows), celebrity motorist profiles (Formula One, NASCAR), DIY, motoring trends and fashion.

Discovery HD is the only global high-definition television network offering factual and lifestyle entertainment. It brings audiences closer to their world, featuring programming on the wonders of the world including world culture, science, wildlife, natural history, travel and lifestyle.

Discovery launches new series Call 911

November 28, 2008

Discovery Channel has kicked off a 20-part series called Call 911, which will air every Friday at 10:30 pm. When emergency strikes, people in the US turn to a help line number 911 in the hope of finding immediate assistance. Discovery’s new show follows actual calls to emergency service 911 to exhibit real human stories of heroism and courage. 

Rajiv Bakshi, director, marketing and communications, Discovery India, said, “Encapsulating surveillance camera footage, panic conversations and recreations of the incidents, Call 911 puts viewers in the midst of heart-thumping crisis and drives curiosity to know what happens next.”

Situations that viewers will witness include people who are trapped in a house on fire, case of a live robbery and a family member who has a fatal heart attack. Revealing the plight of callers in need of help, the show unfolds real drama documented in actual recordings of 911 calls. 

Ranging from life-threatening apartment fire to kidnapping and domestic violence, from armed robbery to unanticipated at-home baby delivery, the programme chronicles varied nerve-wrenching emergency situations.

The calls are recorded and used for solving subsequent emergencies. Instead of playing a few seconds of an emergency call, the programme uses the entire dialogue between the caller and the 911 operator to tell a tale. A few portions of the calls are used in this series to show how the system works.

‘India Revealed’ on Discovery Channel, Jan 26

January 21, 2008

Discovery Channel will present a portrait of the world’s greatest and unique nations seen through the lives of their extraordinary people in the premiere series – Discovery Atlas.

Discovery Atlas will premiere on January 26, at 9 pm with the episode ‘India Revealed’. The show allows viewers to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity.

Each two-hour episode is narrated by a celebrity Russel Crowe (Australia Revealed), renowned film director Mira Nair (India Revealed), three-time Emmy award winner James Spader (China Revealed), Oscar nominee Edward James Olmos (Mexico Revealed), Italian actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini (Italy Revealed). Emmy award -winning American actor Andre Braugher (South Africa Revealed) and Sela Ward best known for her Golden Globe and Emmy award (Brazil Revealed).