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DD cuts ad revenue target to Rs. 100 crores during CWG; faces competition from India-Australia Test Series

September 27, 2010

Already fighting with the shortage of advertisers during the telecast of Commonwealth games, the national broadcaster DoorDarshan is set to suffer from upcoming India-Australia Test Cricket Series as the prominent advertisers are heading towards Neo Sports, the official broadcaster of the Test Series.

The proposed Indian-Australia Cricket Series is slated to start from 1st of October, which is just 2 days earlier the CWG. Being a cricket fanatic nation, the much awaited series is expected to fascinate more viewers than the CWG.

In such scenario, where Neo Sports has set the advertising revenue target of Rs. 200 crores during the Series, DD has disappointingly curb down its targeted ad revenue to Rs. 100 crores only.

The pubcaster DD felt compelled to slash down its ad revenue estimate to Rs. 100 crores from earlier expected Rs. 200 crores because of changing circumstances, criticism and advertisers pulling the investments back from CWG.

Actually, DD holds all its revenue expectations from PSUs (Public Service Unit). The government last week directed Public Oil Companies to buy an advertisement space of Rs. 10 crores each during the Commonwealth Games.

However, justifying DD’s position Aruna Sharma (Director General, Doordarshan) said, “We are on the right trackand will able to provide all details by the end of this month.”

Doordarshan tightens belt for CWG broadcast

September 2, 2010

Pulling its socks up for the preparation of the Commonwealth Games, as the official broadcaster of the event, Doordarshan has tied up with Britain’s SIS Live for telecast of games in ‘High Definition TV format’ for the first time. SIS Live is Europe’s largest provider of Outside Broadcast (OB).

In the context DD’s preparation for CWG, a senior official from the organizing committee informed PTI that Ambika Soni (Minister of Information and Broadcasting) said in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha that the broadcast of games in India will be in both Standard Definition and High Definition.

The official told that DD will provide TV and Radio coverage of games. The right holding broadcasters will get the live feed of the coverage for widened broadcast in other countries. On asking about the preparations for such broad scale event, the official informed that the work on an International Broadcast Centre in Pragati Maidan is almost done that will telecast and relay the games successfully.

The official said, due to lack of technical expertise and apt human resources for the broadcast in High Definition, Doordarshan has outsourced the services of SIS Live. He said that for live coverage of 1200 hours of different games from different venues, approximately 1600 employees will work hard.

The broadcast of Commonwealth games will be received by more than 80 commonwealth and non-commonwealth nations. Around 2 billion people across the world will see this event in their homes.

DD-AIR digitization 1st Phase to cost Rs.15.28bn

September 2, 2010

The first phase of digitization of Prasar Bharti’s two wings Doordarshan and All India Radio requires an amount of Rs. 15.28 billion. This first phase will last till year 2013. Out of this amount, Rs.6.2 billion will be spent on DD and the rest Rs.9.08 billion will be allotted to AIR. Reports

A total of 40 transmitters will undergo digitization in this first phase. Along with this, digitization of 70MW transmitters of AIR will also be done in this phase. Replacement of 34 old FM transmitters, setting up of 130 new digital compatible transmitters, 9 short wave transmitters and 98 studio centres will be done.

Year 2017 has been set as the completion year for the digitization process of both DD and AIR

Govt. to make Prasar Bharti stand on its own feet

May 4, 2010

The government has made all arrangements and plans to make Prasar Bharti stand on its own feet in terms of financial dependency. To make this government regulated body an ‘independently regulated’ one, government has took some important steps. To grant financial aid to Prasar Bharti, central government has decided to give whole price of its assets and properties. Along with it, the restriction on recruitment has also been removed from the Prasar Bharti.

In a recently concluded meeting presided by Home Minister P. Chidambaram, a committee of ministers proceeded that financial amendment plan which was put on back burner when UPA government came in power. First meeting regarding this matter commenced on 16th of April. The effect of Prasar Bharti on this meeting will be displayed in near future. Government wants that the bureaucracy and lazy work culture in Prasar Bharti should come to an end.

After this, Prasar Bharti will have to arrange its own resource for operations. The body will have to extract a minimum of 50% in next five years from its internal and extra budgetary resources. And after the year 2014-15, government will cut down the financial aid to the body. The decision will be implemented in the financial year 2010-2011 and will be reviewed after 5 years.

Along with Chidambaram, Ambika Soni, Prithviraj Chavhan and Veerappa Moily are included as the members of this committee. The committee has taken many important decisions regarding Prasar Bharti. According to the decision, government will provide 50% of the total expenditure of Prasar Bharti under a non planned grant.

Also, the government will provide financial aid instead of providing loan for Prasar Bharti’s construction related expenditures. Because, loan has the compulsion to be repaid along with the interest but financial grant doesn’t carry any kind of compulsion.

In 2010, the total revenue of Prasar Bharti was Rs.1050 crores which was less than 50% of its total expenditure. 76% of this revenue came only from its Television network Doordarshan.

14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B

January 23, 2010

14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B
14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B
January 21, 2010
Source: MM Network
By: Gaurav Maurya
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A Proposal constituting Rs6 Billion to Doordarshan and Rs8 Billion to All India Radio regarding their absolute digitization has been prepared by Information & Broadcasting Ministry. According to a statement from a senior government official, the proposal will be submitted before cabinet very soon for the discussion. The official adds that the government stands firm on completing the digitization process of Electronic Media by the year 2017.

Apart from India, China has set the same deadline of the year 2017, whereas, the US had already failed to meet its 2009 deadline of completing digitization for its Media.

The process for Digitisation has been accelerated by Doordarshan and AIR as both the bodies were beaming terrestrially in order to attain access all over the country. Out of its total budget of Rs.13.69 billion granted in the Fifth Year Plan (2007-2012), Doordarshan solely devoted the large share of Rs. 12.09 Billion only for the digitization of the Channel.

During the whole process, digitization of existing studios, replacement and augmentation of old studios, transmitter & satellite and establishment of digital transmitters will take place. Broadcasting equipment and setting up of HDTV facilities will also be on the priority. The process would benefit the new channels waiting to come in the arena, as the digitization process will create a free space in the spectrum which is used for the transmission of analogue signals. Doordarshan is also likely to use an extra spectrum in a partnership model in order to generate more revenues.

Field Production and Post Production facilities are to be setup in the four Metro Cities, whereas, Delhi and Mumbai are going to have the privilege of acquiring two HDTV Studios. . The HDTV uplink will be set up at Delhi, and HDTV terrestrial transmitters will be installed in four metros. And it’s good news for viewers that they may get the transmission of much awaited Commonwealth Games in HDTV Format.

Out of total 66 Studio centers of Doordarshan, 23 already hold the status of being digitized whereas, 39 of them are partially digitized or analogue. These partially digitized studios will get fully digitized by the year 2012 under the 11th five year plan. Also there are plans to use Digital Satellite News Gathering(DSNG) for the modernization of Satellite Earth Stations.

DD, AIR to get Rs 1 bn to boost transmitters in border areas

July 19, 2009

The range and capacity of Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) transmitters in border areas is being augmented, following persistent complaints that stronger signals from across the border result in jamming Indian channels.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is understood to have set aside a budget of around Rs 1 billion for this purpose.

When pointed out that this was not a new complaint, Ministry sources told that Prasar Bharati was an autonomous body and the government could interfere only up to a certain extent.

“In fact, senior officials in Prasar Bharati have themselves not got used to the fact that they work for an autonomous organisation,” the source quipped.

The sources also regretted that one reason for the weak signals was the fact that cable and direct-to-home operators often did not carry Doordarshan channels on the prime band as required under law under Section 8 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995.

DD Archives to provide content for govt’s new website

May 5, 2008
In an effort to make video and audio content on various Indian leaders available to the masses, the Government of India has planned to create a new website. The website will be hosted by National Informatics Centre (NIC) and the media asset will be managed by Doordarshan Archives.
“It is a really wonderful venture since youngsters and later generations will get to know what these personalities were like. Listening to their speeches and watching them is very exciting, and perhaps a powerful medium to understand their thoughts and ideas compared to reading a book,” said DD director (Archives) Kamalini Dutt.
The website will feature audio and video footage of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and will be available for public usage within six months.

“We have been trying to contact independent bodies that have content on these great leaders. We have even placed advertisements and are in the process of negotiating with some,” said Dutt.The content will be available only for live streaming and not for download, considering that they are intellectual properties. But in order to make it feasible for real-time streaming, DD Archives will break down the footage into short clips of a few minutes each. That will also make it easier for viewers to access keeping in mind the amount of time it would take to buffer an entire film, which could go on for over five hours.

Metadata tags will be assigned for the footage available while translating them into short clips. “It is really helpful in searching and sorting,” Dutt said.

Talking about the content gathered so far, Dutt said: “We have a two-hour footage of Nehru’s interview on Voice of America where he talks about a range of topics including hybrid economic systems. Through this interview people will get to know what a visionary he was.”

Meanwhile, DD Archives is all set to release the DVDs of Bharat Ek Khoj, a television series based on Nehru’s book Discovery of India. This 53-episode series is directed by Shyam Benegal.

The DVDs will be available in two different sets. The DVD9 set which comprises 18 interactive DVDs, will be priced at Rs 20,000. Less costlier, and understandably less interactive, will be the set of nine DVDs which will cost Rs 13,000.

“We’ve seen the demand for the series both in the international market as well as in India. The 18 DVD set may not be affordable for the home collector, so we’ve come up with the two versions. The series was highly rated and we expect the DVDs to be popular among the people. Everything is ready and in place. We’re just waiting for the right day to release the DVDs,” Dutt said.

DD loses over Rs 2.4 million due to faulty record of FCT: CAG

March 24, 2008

DD initiated action in March last year for recovery of Rs 2.05 million against the total Rs 2.41 million due to it for giving excess free commercial time sponsors of two different programmes in November 2004 and early 2006.

However, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has observed that though the public broadcaster had raised the bills after it was pointed out that the FCT ledger was not being kept correctly, Doordarshan irregularly allowed 15 per cent commission.

Under the provisions of the Rate Card, the commission can only be allowed if the agency pays the dues within the stipulated time of 45 days from the first of the month following the date of broadcast.

The CAG says it referred the issue to the Information and broadcasting Ministry in June last year but no reply had been received till November.

Under the Rate Card, FCT is the time allowed by Doordarshan for commercial advertisements to the sponsors without charging any fee, and this is bankable up to 100 per cent anytime during the same programme subject to the limits specified in the Card. To ensure the advertising agencies do not use excess FCT, Doordarshan Commercial Service maintains an FCT Ledger indicating the progressive banked FCT available at the credit of each proper and its utilization.

Audit of a particular programme showed that the Ledger did not have the correct details of the FCT allowed and used, and therefore the correctness of the banked FCT was not ascertainable at any point of time. CAG which reconstructed the Ledger found that at the end of the 48th episode of the programme telecast in November 2004, the producer had availed an excess of 310 seconds of excess FCT, resulting in a loss of Rs 1.87 million.


In the case of another programme, the FCT utilized by the producer in five episodes telecast in February-March 2006 was not recorded or was short recorded in the Ledger. The producer had actually used 1245 seconds of FDCT in these episodes against the credit of 880 seconds at the end of the 325th episode in September 2006. This resulted in the producer being granted excess FCT of 365 seconds resulting in a loss of Rs 5,48,000 at the prescribed rate.