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FIFA World Cup Mania on CNN-IBN, IBN7 & IBN Lokmat

June 11, 2010

CNN-IBN, IBN7 and IBN Lokmat have lined up an exciting programming line-up to capture the latest happenings and the action from the football field during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The special programming A Beautiful Game on CNN-IBN and Goal on IBN7 will provide a 360 degree perspective of the tournament. A panel of experts will add their analytical perspective to the game through special preview and review shows of each match played and an indepth examination of the players’ performance in the tournament. The experts include renowned former Moroccan football player and India’s No.1 football coach, Karim Bencherifa and the country’s top football analyst and commentator Novy Kapadia. They will provide the viewers with all the vital highlights and analysis of the matches and cover all aspects of FIFA World Cup 2010.

On IBN Lokmat, the special programming Kick Football Chi with Sunandan Lele, Consultant Editor, IBN Lokmat will consist of daily bulletins focusing on match reviews and previews. While the morning bulletins will focus on reviewing the matches which have been played, the evening bulletin will examine the various teams’ preparations for the matches ahead.

During the tournament, CNN-IBN and IBN7 will take a comprehensive look at the entire tournament with match reviews and previews, profiles, in-depth analysis and panel discussions. While on IBN7, Senior Anchor Darain Shahidi will be seen in conversation with Novy Kapadia who will provide viewers with rare insights into the game; on CNN-IBN, host Sanjeeb Mukherjea along with Novy Kapadia, Karim Bencherifa and some of the celebrity football fans will discuss the teams’ performances and strategies for the important matches. The special programming on the channels will go on-air as per the following schedule

On CNN-IBN, there will be a special one hour show focusing on who could win the FIFA World Cup at 7:00PM (with repeat telecast at 10:00 pm) on 10 June. The programming will also include a one and half hour special on 11 June at 6.00 pm. This interactive programme will lead up to the kick off of the FIFA World Cup 2010 at 7:30 PM IST and will bring live feeds from CNN-IBN correspondents across the country as they interact with soccer fans in the build up to the inauguration of the tournament. Additionally the programme will also feature reactions from football fans across the globe as they prepare to launch themselves into FIFA Fever. The daily programming will be telecast at 7.30 am, 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm till the tournament ends.

On IBN7, daily programming will be telecast at 8 am and 6.30 pm throughout the tournament and on IBN Lokmat, the programming will go on air at 7.30 am (with a repeat at 11.30 am) and 6.30 pm during the length of the tournament.

Decision 09: Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN shine on counting day

May 21, 2009

A clean victory for the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in the 15th Lok Sabha elections may have been unexpected for everyone, but not so the viewer turnout for television channels on May 16, the day the results were declared.

According to data provided by TAM Media Research, among all the Indian channels, Hindi news channels showed a 15.6 per cent channel share as compared to the 5.02 per cent share of the same day of the previous week. Even the English news channels had an 1.2 per cent English news genre share over the same day of the previous week, when it was 0.37 per cent.

Hindi news channel Aaj Tak emerged as the leader in its genre, with a channel share of 27 per cent, followed by Star News with 19 per cent and India TV with 13 per cent. IBN-7 remained fourth in the viewership ladder with a 10 per cent share, while Zee News took a share of 9 per cent and NDTV India had a 7 per cent share on May 16. 

Among the English news channels, CNN-IBN had the highest relative share of 38 per cent followed by Times Now with 27 per cent and NDTV 24X7 with 26 per cent relative share.

Dilip Venkatraman, chief marketing officer, IBN18 Network, says, “CNN-IBN’s victory was possible as we delivered a complete 360 degree experience by enabling multi-media touch points, be it on TV, Internet, mobile or other media.”

Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief, Times Now, says, “Our focus was more on news, than numbers. And that’s the reason why we took a considered decision not to do an exit poll, and focus on breaking stories, which is our forte.”

Comparable viewership data for the counting day for the 14th Lok Sabha elections in 2004 are different from the present results. Data by TAM, showed a five-fold increase in the viewership of Hindi news channels on May 13, 2004, the day the results were declared.

The television numbers for 14th Lok Sabha numbers are significantly higher than 15th Lok Sabha elections and even from previous news events that channels covered around that time, like the terrorist attack on Parliament in 2002 or the September 11 terror attacks in New York.

‘Inspirational quality’ is key differentiator in CNN IBN awards: Sardesai

January 21, 2008

: CNN IBN editor in chief Rajdeep Sardesai today said that to establish higher credibility the channel, which is going to hold its Indian of the year felicitations on January 29, will look at redefining the “Politics” category, in the wake of various criticism in the media of another channel which held it own similar programme recently.There have been some critical comments in newspaper columns in the Capital, Sardesai sought to state that for his channel the sole criteria behind the men chosen is achievement not celebrity status, though he refrained from commenting on any rival channel’s awards.


“For the Indian of the year for CNN IBN the process is far more important than the finale, which is the conclusion of the process, and we have kept the entire process transparent,” he told the media persons.

It is in this context that he said that the criterion for choosing the Politician of the Year needs serious rethinking, as till date most such awards have been looking at impact, whereas it could be a better idea to have ‘inspirational leadership” as the correct criterion.

“This is what we have learnt and we are in serious discussion on this,” Sardesai said, adding that otherwise the whole thing becomes populist.

But what is the need for an award anyway and how is CNN IBN going to prove it is different?

Sardesai opined that being a news channel they owe it to their viewers to show them the best of the year, and said that the transparency level they have kept far surpasses anything else, with SMSes, Vote by 150 Eminent Indians and finally the vote by the jury member.

Asked how CNN IBN would say its SMS is not rigged, Sardesai said that over-voting cannot be discounted, but the SMSes would carry only 30 per cent marks, with the Eminent Indians accounting for another 30 per cent marks for each nominee. The rest 40 per cent would come from the jurors.

“Besides, SMS points have also been rejected by the Jury as some senior politician was ahead in the SMS polls, but the jurors felt that someone else was more inspirational, hence it has been given to him.

“The real achievers are in the public service category, where we have gone for true achievers who are not even known, and this is the test of our pudding, when we say it is about achievements and not celebrity.

None of the seven nominees in the public service category are celebrities, none of them are on Page 3, but they are doing amazing things quietly,” Sardesai emphasised, adding that the stress was on credibility, and not symbolism.

Likewise, in the entertainment category, though the SMS polls showed one superstar way ahead, finally the award went to two people who were the brains behind the concept of one of last year’s blockbusters.

“Yes, there will be questions, for example why is it that we have chosen P Chidambaram as Best Politician over Modi or Mayawati, who were ahead of him in the SMS polls, and we have explained this to the people when they asked, and that is what I call true transparency,” Sardesai said.

Sardesai said that their criterion has been all Indians who have done truly inspirational work, not how often they have come into news, which he says is their greatest differentiator.

He disclosed that this year there will be a Life Time Achievement Award, which has gone to a person who cuts across all ideological frontiers, though he did not disclose the name.

CNN-IBN launches the Citizen Journalist Show

November 19, 2007

CNN-IBN launched ‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change’, the eight-episode series will air on Saturdays at 9.30 pm, with a repeat on Sundays at 5.30 pm. The show is an attempt to celebrate the spirit of civic activism and take user-generated content to a new level.

The series invites citizens of the country to use the show and power of media to fight back, save their cities and raise issues. Viewers are asked to become citizen journalists by either logging onto the CJ micro site,, or sending an SMS to 52622. They can send in text messages, video content or even stills, all of which will be displayed on the show.

An official communiqué stated that CNN-IBN had started a show two years ago whereby it introduced the concept of ‘citizen journalism’. It encouraged people to not simply imbibe news, but become an intrinsic part of the news gathering process. Citizens from across the country had sent in videos, photographs and posted blogs to report on a variety of issues.

“Citizen journalism lies at the heart of CNN-IBN’s raison d’etre of inclusive journalism. It not only engages the viewer in public life and encourages them to be proactive, but also transforms news into an interactive and multilateral process,” said Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, CNN-IBN and IBN 7.

‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change’ series will comprise segments like ‘Fight Back’ – fight against any injustice; ‘Civic Activism’ – raising local civic problems; ‘Anti-Corruption Bureau’ – standing up against bribes; ‘Real Heroes’ – nominate someone who has been doing exemplary work against all odds; ‘Green CJ’ – undertaking an effective green initiative; ‘Viewer’s Feedback’ – voicing opinions on CNN-IBN reports;and ‘Bulletin Board’ – issues and grievances troubling viewers along with photos and videos.

The show is also introducing ‘Be The Change’ concept where volunteers helping their community are being empowered with handicams to document their efforts on video.