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Channel [V] to kick off game show on 31 October

October 31, 2008

Channel [V] is launching a game show Bingo [V] Full On at 7 pm from Friday-Sunday.

Starting 31 October, the show will measure the strength of participants through various activities like rock-climbing, football, para-sailing, trekking, go-carting, Bhangra, running treadmills, scuffle with mechanical boxing gloves, using bodies as human bowling balls among others.

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The 13-week game show will be hosted by Channel [V] VJs Juhi and Neil.

Channel [V] VP content and communication Saurabh Kanwar said, “Full On! surpasses all standards of insanity ever portrayed on television before. We call it the IPL of television- ‘Indian Pagalpanti League’. For this show, besides youth focused promotion, we will also be exploring content innovation.”

Channel [V] has selected participants to test their IQ (insanity quotient) from colleges across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other metros.

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The show will see 10 teams consisting three members each at the beginning. Each successive week will see two teams fight it out in the ultimate battle for supremacy. The game would be made trickier each day by adding new twists and turns resulting in a crazier experience for the six participants.

The activities will be followed by a set-based game with Channel [V]’s VJ Lola Kutty, where viewers also can participate via sms.

Channel [V]’s Get Gorgeous season 5 begins May 16

May 16, 2008

Channel [V] is coming up with the fifth season of Get Gorgeous series. The new season begins on May 16 at 7:30 pm, the show will include higher levels of competition and drama that leads the way to find India’s next super model.

Sheetal Sudhir, Creative director, Channel [V] says, “Modeling as a profession has got more serious over the years. It has become more competitive and many youngsters want to take it up as a full-time profession. And this is why we are coming up with the fifth season of the show.”

To catch a viewer’s attention there should be something different from the previous season. So, what is the USP of the show this time? “Besides celebrity judges, this time there would be mentors too. Models Diandara Sores and Gauhar Khan will guide the contestants about the nuances of Modeling Moreover, unlike the previous season, this time the contestants are shooting for actual projects, that will give them more experience about Modeling as a career,” says Sheetal.

The show is coming up with a new panel of judges. Fashion designers Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi, fitness expert Yasmin Haz, photographer Nisha Kutty and actor Upen Patel, will test the contestants focusing on different aspects of modeling.

Speaking about the show and the contestants, Yasmin, who helped Kareena Kapoor get a size zero, says, “This time we are looking for someone who can make an impression on the viewers as well as the judges. She should have all the qualities to carry herself well. She should know how to walk with balance and speak with confidence.”

Photographer Nisha Kutty feels that in Modeling posing for a shoot is the most important thing. “A model who poses confidently in front of the camera is the most sought after. Their potential, height and looks all add up to it,” says Nisha.

Talking about the fitness regimen, Yasmin says, “Most of the girls slouch, so we are focusing more on their posture. We have included circuit training, boot camping and pilates training to make them fit. Similarly, we have also given them diet schedules. Moreover, to boost their morale, many interactive sessions will be organised to clear their doubts.”

Talking about the shooting sessions, Nisha says, “Earlier the contestants were informed about their shoots in advance, but this time, to check their natural look, surprise-shooting sessions too will be organised. Besides bikini shots, shots with male partners are also being organised to verify their level of confidence and the way they carry themselves in different situations.”

So it seems, the show has become tough for the contestants. The focus is not just on physical fitness or looks, it will also lay emphasis on all the aspects of modeling.

Revealing more about the show, Sheetal says, “The show is going to be more dramatic and the contestants are fiercely fighting for the Get Gorgeous title.”

Channel [v] presents ‘Bollywood Bang Bang’

March 1, 2008

 Channel [v] is all set to create television history by creating India’s first ever LIVE Bollywood flick titled ANDAZ APNA VERY HATKE which is scripted, directed and produced by Channel [v]. All the viewers will be able to watch the fun and excitement that goes into a LIVE flick at 9 pm on Sunday March 2nd, 2008 only on Channel [v]. This film stars the very beautiful & versatile Neha Dhupia and a renowned international celebrity. It will also cast artists chosen through a nation wide talent hunt who would get an opportunity to be a part of this unique initiative. All this will culminate into a LIVE FLICK on March 2nd, 2008 and will also be released on the same date making it the fastest produced film in Bollywood history.

This mini blockbuster which will be enacted, shot and telecast LIVE on television for the first time has all the ingredients of a typical Bollywood film – a zalim baap, a gareeb hero, one bheegi bheegi heroine and a kameena villain. Only, all this is happening LIVE – No Cuts, No Retakes, No Guarantees.

Tune in to witness the thrills of this LIVE mini blockbuster which will be shot amidst select audience and will be telecasted LIVE on that day itself at 9 pm on Sunday March, 2nd, 2008 only on Channel [v].

Channel [V] begins hunt for ‘Campus Star’

December 21, 2007

Channel [V] is launching [V] Campus Star beginning February 2008. Through this competition, Channel [V] will single out one college from India that rocks on the college festival circuit, championed by one representative.[V] Campus Star will give away a cash prize of Rs 5,00,000 to the winning campus and “the coolest guy/gal,” along with a complete Channel [V] style makeover for his/her college.


The channel is inviting entries from individuals with their videos over the Internet to select 25 contestants. Over the next few weeks, Channel [V] will zero in on eight finalists who will be representing their college on [V] Campus Star.

Announcing the launch, Channel [V] head honcho Amar K Deb said, “For [V] Campus Star, we have received great response from colleges across the country and are hoping to present India with the best amongst the lot.” In the 10-episode show, the final eight contestants will battle out before a jury panel, which will comprise both a specialist judge and college students, and for viewers vote over SMS.