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Big FM Bangalore back on air after apology to Kannada film body

August 3, 2010

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has accepted Big FM Bangalore
station’s apology and has withdrawn the one month closure of broadcast demand that it had made to the station following certain remarks made by a listener towards a specific fraternity in the film industry.

92.7 Big FM had stopped broadcasting from 1 pm yesterday, but has recommenced broadcast from 1 pm today after the impasse with the film body got resolved amicably.

KFCC, irked by the listener’s on-air comments, had on 27 July taken a procession to the station demanding that it stop transmission for a month. Also, to force the issue, last week, the chamber had called for Kannada film industry-wide one day strike.

KFCC had refused to accept the apology that the station was willing to tender. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the KFCC has withdrawn its demand on condition that (1) Over the next 15 days, the station broadcast on air an apology every half an hour or so (2) The station publishes an apology in the local Kannada newspapers such as Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani, among others. At least 100 ads have been demanded by the KFCC, say industry sources.

Sunny Deol slaps legal notice on Big FM

August 6, 2009

Actor Sunny Deol has sent a legal notice to Mumbai radio station Big FM for allegedly making a mockery of him in ‘Son Sunny’, a popular filler on the radio station which is a spoof on Sunny Deol and his father Dharmendra.

The actor has claimed damages of Rs two billion on the station. The show has an artiste who mimics Sunny and Dharmendra, having an imagined conversation and thus entertaining the listeners. It has been on air for over six months now and Sunny has decided to sue the station for the humour capsule which according to him is in ‘bad taste’ and ‘below the belt’. The actor has sent a legal notice to the station on 1 August 2009 asking it to pull the capsule off air.

If adequate steps will not be taken by the station within a week, the actor will file a lawsuit against the station, he said in a media conference held in Mumbai on Tuesday. “The station should not have undertaken such cheap comedy. The show is on air for quite sometime. But since it didn’t go off air I had to take the legal course to put an end to something that insulted me and my family,” said Sunny. “I was busy myself and also I thought it would be pulled off on its own after sometime but since that did not happen for a long time teaching them a lesson became important,” he further added.

The actor’s lawyer Ashok Sarogi said, “We have sent a notice as a preventive action to the station for the cheap publicity that they have resorted to. The notice puts forth liquated damages of Rs two billion.” Big FM officials have declined to comment on the issue.

Star Plus gets Farah Khan to host weekend chat show

August 6, 2009

Star Plus is surely betting big on large-format reality shows to captivate existing and newer audiences.

After firming up its weekday lineup with Sach Ka Saamna and now Aap Ki Kachehri – Kiran Ke Saath, the channel is now gearing up to strengthen its weekend primetime with a new celebrity-driven chat show, come August.

Titled Tere Mere Beach Mein, the show will be hosted by Bollywood director Farah Khan.

As per the format, the show will discuss various issues on fears, emotions, relations, happiness and everything a star shares with the common man.

Says a Star Plus spokesperson, “The time slot is yet to be decided but it is a weekend primetime show.”

Big 92.7 FM Hyderabad to campaign for Deccan Chargers

April 17, 2009

For the second time in succession, Big 92.7 FM Hyderabad has inked a deal with Deccan Chronicle’s IPL franchise Deccan Chargers to be their official radio partner. Under the terms of the agreement, all Big 92.7 FM stations in Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad, Vizag and Tirupati) will be extending their support to Deccan Chargers.

Says Big 92.7 FM Hyderabad station head Ramesh Bhaskar, “The radio station had big plans if the matches were held in India. We were planning to entertain the in-stadia crowd through lots of contests around Deccan Chargers. We were planning to have live booths in stadiums but unfortunately those plans went awry. But what we continue to do is to explore all options to charge the team from back home.”

As part of the new plan, the radio station has started airing promos supporting Deccan Chargers titled Deccan Chargers Dhumle Pandi. The radio station will air exclusive interviews of the players of Deccan Chargers.

“We will host ‘Radio Cricket’ a contest around Deccan Chargers which will be aired on days of the home matches. Also, we plan to give away exclusive Deccan Charges merchandises to our contest winners. Additionally, our OB vans branded with Deccan Chargers will roam around the state taking messages from listeners which will be later aired as part of celebrating Deccan Chargers”, adds Bhaskar.

The radio station is not sending its listeners to watch Deccan Chargers match live in South Africa. “Sending listeners to South Africa to watch the matches involving Deccan Chargers is not part of the deal. We have tied up with hotels in Hyderabad for example, ‘Platinum’ where listeners will get a chance to see the match on the big screen,” explains Bhaskar.

Big 92.7 FM is in advanced talks with other IPL franchises and is looking at closing deals with them shortly.

The radio station has not signed up with any other radio station in South Africa for the IPL updates. “We have not yet thought about partnering with any external media for updates on IPL either. The Deccan Chronicle team, which is in South Africa, will be giving us all the updates on the IPL matches,” adds Bhaskar.

Big FM, Chennai introduces four humour characters

March 17, 2009

Big FM, Chennai will raise a few laughs from its listeners in Chennai as it has introduced four comic characters to rule the airwaves in Tamil Nadu.

The on-air interstitial’s, titled Dammara Seidigal, Big Lollu, Situation Chinnaraasu and Major Manikkam, have been introduced to boost the music being played on the radio station.

Starting with the breakfast show till the evening show, these interstitial’s are part and parcel of the daily programmes. The interstitial’s are short of 30-45 seconds each.

PB Ramaswamy, cluster head, Big FM – Tamil Nadu, says, “What makes our station going is the fact that it is local and hugely interactive. We have integrated humour as part of the station’s programming mix for that immediate kick and refreshment. Our new tailor-made properties will provide wholesome entertainment to the listeners.”

The first interstitial to be introduced on-air will be Chinnaraasu, where the funny character will be presented with a humorous situation and he will come up with a song to match the situation. Big Lollu, the second character, will dole out helpful trivia and information on varied subjects.

The third character, Dammara Seidigal, will keep the listeners abreast of the latest happenings in and around their city. The fourth entertainer is Major Manikkam, who having served in the army, takes great pride in delivering witty dialogues, and will ask the listeners to come up with equally rib-tickling responses.

Big FM Bangalore launches ‘Bitti Harusha Idi Varusha’

January 21, 2009

Big FM Bangalore has embarked on an initiative to ease the financial burden through a contest christened as ‘Bitti Harusha Idi Varusha’. The contest, which commenced on January 8 and will continue till January 14, is aimed at giving listeners the opportunity to win something for free for an entire year this Sankranti.

A combination of on and off-air events, the campaign is essentially a simple fun quiz, aimed at testing the knowledge of Big FM listeners around recession and jobs. The Big Ticket shall entitle winners to an annual free supply of groceries, gym memberships, gold jewellery, apparels and sarees, fitness and beauty vouchers, and much more.

While six winners will be declared each day, the grand finale is something to be looked forward to, which is scheduled to be held on January 13, 2009 at a popular mall, where 10 shortlisted listeners would be quizzed and fight for big prizes to last them an entire year.

Sunil Kumaran, head, Big FM – Karnataka & Kerala, said, “We are committed to creating superlative content and entertaining our listeners by providing them wholesome entertainment while addressing their need requirements.”

“‘Bitti Harusha Idi Varusha’ has been conceptualised keeping in mind the prevailing mood of the listeners, and we are confident of receiving packed participation from our listeners, who have made us the No. 1 station in the city.” Sunil adds.

Big FM celebrates second anniversary in Bangalore

October 16, 2008

Big FM has completed two years of its operations in Bangalore and is celebrating the occasion with another success, where for the past 14 consecutive weeks it has been rated as the number one radio station in Bangalore.

Sunil Kumaran, cluster head, Big FM, said, “We decided on taking the Kannada platform ever since we launched and have stuck to this strategy. While many have tried experimenting, we have been sure that Kannada is what will work for us and this strategy is paying dividends now.”

“We have positioned the station not just as an entertainer, but a station that touches people’s lives. We take up issues that are relevant to a Bangalorean, but take a smart and witty approach to it instead of preaching, though we make sure that it is not a mockery of the entire issue.” Sunil said.

Over the past two years, Big FM has successfully initiated events like Chipak Ke Jeeto/Kai Ittare Karu, an endurance challenge to win a Hyundai i10; Sing with Sonu contest, where the winner got to sing on stage with singer Sonu Nigam and Comedy Ganesha Wagon R Smart Challenge, where the smartest person got to win a WagonR Duo.

Besides offering interactive on-air content, the station has also been involved in educating and creating awareness about various issues like Cancer Day awareness drive, anti-smoking campaign and social awareness campaigns like Bendethu Bengaluru.

Big FM initiates Bendethu Bengaluru campaign

July 10, 2008

Big FM has initiated a new campaign, Bendethu Bengaluru, to connect with its listeners and look at the issues faced by Bangalore residents. The two-week campaign will address one major issue everyday starting July 7 and will conclude on July 19.

This is an opportunity for the residents of the city to speak up and discuss issues ranging from bribery, traffic problems to public hygiene, pot holes, ban on dancing, and dress code in colleges, among others.

Sunil Kumaran, cluster head, Karnataka and Kerala, Big FM, said, “Bendethu Bengaluru is our next big endeavour, wherein in a unique, witty, humorous way we highlight issues which affect Bangaloreans. We are extremely happy that many celebrities in the city have come forward to support us in this campaign.”

To press the humour button in every Bangalorean, a smart and witty angle would be taken towards these problems, coupled with mimicking popular celebs on air. Each show would take a specific angle to the topic of the day.

RJs on the breakfast and evening drive shows would ask survey based questions on the topic of the day with one lucky listener winning the No Thank You award in every show along with other goodies.

As a culmination to this two-week campaign, RJs Harsha and Shruthi would take up the top three issues for Bangalore and ask the listeners to vote for the most popular issue boggling the city today. They would then be ‘jailed’ for a day and would be ‘bailed’ out only when they receive 9,027 votes of support from their listeners.

Big FM to enthral listeners with Kuselan content

July 3, 2008

Big FM will enthral its listeners with on-air and on-ground content on Rajinikant’s latest movie Kuselan. The listeners will be able to catch interviews and take part in various contest’s of the movie.

Starting June 2, the Big Vanakkam show hosted by RJ Dheena will feature trivia about the movie along with featuring the movie crew on-air. There will be also a signature campaign and Big FM’s bus will go across to various places to take signature from Superstar’s fans.

P. B. Ramaswamy, cluster director, Big FM – Tamil Nadu, said “Vibe of the city currently is Kuselan and we at Big FM would like to bring to our listeners all the trivia possible and make our on-air and on-ground offering highly interactive and interesting for the listeners.”

Big 92.7 FM is radio partner for Bengalooru Habba

December 8, 2007

Bengalooru Habba, an cultural event this year brings with it a series of performances and shows. A total of over 2750 artistes from Karnataka and 250 artistes across India will perform during the course of 10 days. Big 92.7 FM has been associated with this cultural festival as the official Radio Partner and has lined up a host of on-air programs and live shows.

Big 92.7 FM’s popular RJ’s Shalini, Harsha and Kiran are hosting select shows for Bengalooru Habba across various venues in Bangalore till December 9.

Kamal Mohandas, Station Head, Big 92.7 FM Bangalore said “We are proud to be associated with Bengalooru Habba as their radio partner.Big 92.7 FM the No.1 FM station in the city with its vast listener base will help connect with thousands of listeners across the city and spread the spirit of Habba.”