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Autentic to launch two new HD channels

April 13, 2011

Autentic, a German Media Company has planned to air two new HD channels for worldwide distribution on pay-TV platforms.

As the Company is known for the production of documentaries, Science channel Spark will show documentaries from the rights stock of Autentic and ZDF Enterprises, the commercial subsidiary of German public broadcaster ZDF. The schedule will consist of various topics from science and technology, discoverers and discoveries to environmental issues, nature and animal films.

The other channel is a Movie channel Freestar, which will give the platform for the productions from independent studios and films from international festivals. Video-on-demand service will also be there on the channel.

The Company has very strong portfolio, which consists of history channel Spiegel Geschichte on German pay-TV platform Sky Deutschland and three thematic channels on South-African pay-TV platform TopTV.

Al Jazeera to launch Children’s Channel in English

March 27, 2011

The Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) is planning to introduce an English-language station for broadcast outside the Arab world and will be available by the end of next year.

Mahmoud Bouneb, the executive general manager of JCC said that, they had an ambition to create an international feed for JCC that would benefit other markets, such as Asia and North America.

JCC also broadcasts Baraem TV a pre-school station owned by Qatar Foundation. The Arabic-language stations are accessible via the Arabsat, Nilesat and Hot Bird satellites across the Middle East and parts of Europe.

The Qatar Foundation owns a 90 per cent stake in JCC, while the news broadcaster Al Jazeera holds a small stake. The Qatar Foundation owns 100 per cent of Baraem TV.

Mahmoud Bouneb further said that, they were thinking probably by the end of 2012 because it takes a long time to prepare and to penetrate the market. They had so many requests from Asian countries to bring Al Jazeera in Arabic and to be dubbed in English.

Mr Bouneb added, The English-language version would mean greater content acquisition costs and if they add the English probably they had to pay three or four times more to acquire content. But he thought it was worth to try. Qatar Foundation was investing around US$110 million [Dh404m] to $120m a year.

BBC Worldwide: Coming Soon in New Zealand

March 27, 2011

A recent deal between BBC Worldwide and Prime Television, TVNZ and TV3 has paved� ways for British drama, comedy and natural history to come into the television arena of New Zealand. In a deal that delivers over 20 hours, BBC Worldwide has licensed the reimagining of Upstairs Downstairs, the detective drama DCI Banks and natural history programmes Human Planet and Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice to Prime Television.

As a part of a deal with TVNZ over eight hours of drama and comedy content will come on air to the viewers of New Zealand. TVNZ has also acquired comedy series Live at the Apollo series 6 and Michael McIntyre’s – Live & Laughing which will air later this year.
Moreover, a separate deal with TV3, Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and David Walliams will entertain the audiences, with ‘Come Fly With Me’ in coming times.

BBC Worldwide Australia’s Sales Manager, New Zealand Robyn Campbell commented that these deals demonstrated the demand for British content at present and he assured that it would grow more in future.

UK Govt gives green signal to News Corp for BSkyB takeover

March 27, 2011

Media baron, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has taken a huge step forward. The UK government has cleared the way for the company to fully acquire satellite television company British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSkyB). The government gave the signal after accepting News Corp’s undertakings on media plurality concerns.

News Corp, which is the world’s third-largest media conglomerate and owns Fox Broadcasting, 20th Century Fox movie studios, The Wall Street Journal, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times, had earlier in June 2010 announced its intentions to take over Britain’s largest pay TV operator BSkyB completely.

News Corp currently owns around 39 per cent of BSkyB and plans to buy the remaining 61-per cent stake for a sum of almost £7.8 billion ($12.7 billion).

The government has also issued a notice of consultation seeking views as to whether News Corp’s undertakings are sufficient after considering that it is likely to draw heavy criticism from the public on media plurality raised by the merger. The closing date for responses is fixed as 21 March.

News Corp has offered to distribute the shares in the company amongst the existing shareholders of BSkyB in line with their shareholdings, with News Corp retaining a 39 per cent stake.

Al Jazeera to expand reach to Turkey

March 2, 2011

Al Jazeera has decided to expand its reach further to Turkey by launching a Turkish news channel. Al Jazeera has offered Cine 5 television channel a whooping amount of $21 million to acquire the Turkish news channel.

On Monday, the bid by Al Jazeera was the only bid for Cine 5 television channel which had previously been seized by the government. It was the fifth time that the channel was auctioned yet Al Jazeera’s offer was just above half the appraisal rate of $40 million, decided by the Savings Deposit and Insurance Fund (SDIF) said a report in the Hurriyet Daily News.

Discovery Networks adds new international production unit

December 8, 2010


Discovery Networks International, world’s largest non-fiction and sci-fi TV content creator has incorporated a new international production unit for the betterment and expansion of its content. The unit will facilitate the advanced content requirement to the whole of company’s spread network across the globe.

Luis Silberwasser has been handed over the duties and responsibilities of this new development unit. He will look after the whole management and operations as Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer. He reports to president and chief executive officer at Discovery Networks International.

The unit will create content for Discovery’s large portfolio of international channels, which include Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, ID: Investigation Discovery and TLC that are distributed globally.

Regional Discovery channels include Discovery Kids in Latin America, DMAX in Germany and QUEST in the U.K.

The programmer offers six to eight channels in many international markets. The company runs operations in around 180 nations in the world.

English Sony entertainment channel set for UK debut

December 8, 2010


A new Sony entertainment channel is close to agreeing a launch on Sky Digital, according to reports.

Sony Pictures Television will combine general programming with films from its back catalogue on the new channel.

Broadcast understands the company is in the latter stages of negotiations over channel 157, a slot previously held by Film 24, which went into liquidation several months ago.

The Asian general entertainment equivalent, Sony Entertainment Television Asia has been available in the UK since 1996.

Prasar Bharati challenges channels in Court for unauthorized CWG telecast

October 18, 2010

Doordarshan, the official broadcaster of the games has filed an injunction suit in the court against the channels and the organizing committee of the games cautioning them against the violation of copyright act.

Prasar Bharati, the regulatory body of Doordarshan channels and All India Radio has sent a ‘Prohibition of Unauthorised Telecast of CWG 2010’ notice to these challenges reminding them about the exclusivity of the broadcasting rights of Commonwealth games.

The regulator has taken this preventive measure to ensure the non–repetition of trespassing in its broadcasting rights and interests as it was done by private channels during the Beijing Olympics in the year 2008.

Prasar Bharati says it hired TAM Media Research Pvt. Ltd, the Mumbai-based television audience measurement agency, to track footage of the Olympics used by news channels and found some of the broadcasters used more than 17,000 seconds a day. The petition said Prasar Bharati is seeking damages of more than Rs. 5 crore from the two dozen-odd broadcasters.

Broadcasters say the terms of the CWG news access rules appear stringent. For instance, a three minute footage of the Games can be aired only once every three hours and not on more than three shows in a channel. The footage can be shown as part of a bulletin and no special programming on CWG can be created using it.

MGM not interested in Sahara’s bid; rejects proposal

September 28, 2010

Despite its poor financial condition, MGM Studio (English movie channel) has rejected Sahara India Pariwar’s bid of $2 billion for a possible acquisition. The foreign counterpart in this matter is said to have a requirement of double of the amount proposed by Sahara.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor is now looking for some substitute to get rid off the current credit that is burdening on channel’s shoulders.

The company’s chairman Subrata Roy Sahara had a conference call with the studio’s creditors on Tuesday. He later said that his offer was rejected within hours of his talk with creditors.

Prior to this, several news items floated in the media that Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc. was being valued approximately $2bn entity by Sahara India Pariwar in a bid.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., or MGM, is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of films and television programs. MGM was founded in 1924 when the entertainment entrepreneur Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures Corporation and Louis B. Mayer Pictures.

It is notable that the MGM Studio is a popular channel focusing on classic Hollywood movies for long but is unable to make profits to sustain.

Iran launches iFilm channel in Arabic

September 11, 2010

iFilm the entertainment channel, a broadcast entity of Iranian government will be available to people in Arabic language from now onwards. Iran has launched this 24hour satellite television entertainment channel to broadcast serials and films to audiences in the Arab world.

The channel will broadcast programs dubbed into Arabic for viewers in Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. It will show documentaries on making of films, film reviews, feature films, and short films. The announcement was made by Iran’s English-language Press TV, adding that the channel will be broadcast via the Arabsat and Nilesat satellites.

The channel’s launch comes three years after the start of Press TV, which the Islamic republic says is a bid to break the ‘stranglehold’ of the West over the world media.

Iran’s state-run broadcaster already operates Al-Alam, a 24-hour Arabic-language news channel whose slick programming has won a loyal following from Shiite Muslims in Lebanon and Iraq.

The state broadcaster also runs Jam-e Jam, which airs Farsi programs for Iranians living abroad, and the Arabic Al-Kawthar which broadcasts a mix of news, religious talk shows and Iranian soap operas dubbed into Arabic.

Although Tehran uses satellites to broadcast its programming abroad, it is still illegal to have satellite receivers inside the country, where officials frequently denounce the ‘cultural decadence’ spread by foreign channels.