DD failed as CWG broadcaster; didn’t live up to the expectations

Sweating hard for nearly a year for the grand telecast of Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, the official broadcaster for the event Doordarshan disappointed viewers in its first High definition telecast of the ceremony.

Doordarshan had pulled its socks nearly a year back for the world class transmission of the Commonwealth games extravagant opening ceremony. The ceremony’s success was also vital from the point of country’s image and stature in front of the whole world.

Now that the flamboyant success of the ceremony has slammed the critics, DD is facing the same condemnation not only by the media but also from the common viewers. Ill-timed advertisements popping up suddenly during an important event irritated viewers the most. The sudden explosion of property ads and tourism promoting ads from Andhra Pradesh CM K. Rosiah were just too hard to hold patience.


The biggest setback was the 55 mins delay of the broadcast compared to SIS LIVE’s transmission (DD’s broadcast partner of CWG in UK) which led many viewers baffeled. Due to this telecast delay, people of the host country lacked behind the world in viewing of their own ceremony. We, the people of India finished watching the ceremony almost an hour later the whole world was done with the enjoyment.

Moreover, the mingled commentary of Hindi and English commentators confused viewers in making out the exact details of the performances, raising questions on both the sincerity of them towards the event and the selection procedure. Advertisements capturing nearly two third of the screen space while the proceedings of the ceremony annoyed viewers like anything.

All these loopholes have once again erected a platform for pointing out fingers on the ability of Doordarshan as a broadcaster for such a big event. Moreover, inefficiency of its employees intoxicated with the venom of bureaucracy has surfaced in media.

People who take DD on target due to its rigid bureaucratic approach, old formats and treatment of programming have been bestowed with a chance of doing the same, with these chinks in the armor of public broadcaster.


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