ATN-Neo locks deal for a cricket channel in Canada


To offer extensive content related to the cricket activities in India to the game lovers of Canada, ATN (the Canadian broadcaster) and Neo Cricket have tied knots. ATN has acquired distribution rights of cricket matches in Canada played in India.

This recent deal will facilitate Canadian cricket lovers with the soon to be started India-Australia Test Cricket Series. Under the deal, a new channel named ATN-Neo Cricket will foray in Canada very soon. However, this Canadian broadcaster already runs a cricket based channel, Cricket Plus from 2007. It also shows a lot of cricket matches on its CBN channel.

ATN president and CEO Dr. Shan Chandrasekar says, “The sun never sets on the commonwealth of cricket and ATN would like to bring first rate cricket shown on India’s Number one Neo Cricket Sports Channel to our viewers who extend beyond the commonwealth Diasporas now settled in Canada and includes all the cricket devotees from all walks of life. ATN is delighted to add this compelling sports channel which showcases the games from the largest and richest board of control for cricket in the world.”

Neo Sports Broadcast COO Prasana Krishnan adds, “Our availability in North America reaffirms Neo Cricket’s commitment of taking cricket to as many fans across the globe. We have built strong brand equity with the Indian consumers by bringing to them the best cricketing action. Now we extend the same to cricket fans in North America.”

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