Star India Plus rolled out on America’s Verizon FiOS TV

Star India’s flagship Hindi General Entertainment Channel, Star Plus has been rolled out on the network of Verizon FiOS TV for the viewers across America.

Verizon FiOS TV has a bouquet of nearly 40 other international channels covering more than 20 languages, to bring people of South Asian origin a choice fare in the US.

The channel began launching on FiOS TV this week and will be in all markets by Monday. It will be available in the South Asian Package which comprise of other popular channels such as Zee TV, TV Asia and SET Asia.

“The addition of STAR India PLUS to the FiOS TV channel line-up further enhances our overall multicultural offering with new content that includes favourite dramas, game shows and more,” said Terry Denson, Vice President of Content Strategy and Acquisition for Verizon.

David Wisnia, Star’s Senior Vice President of Distribution, Sales and Marketing and Head of Star’s North American office, said, ‘We are absolutely thrilled to be making Star India Plus available to FiOS TV subscribers.”


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