UNITV delivers live feed from Congress Headquarters at New Delhi

the recently started video news service by leading newswire UNI, reached a new milestone yesterday (September 3, 2010) with delivery of ‘Live-Feed’ to its clients from the Congress Headquarters in New Delhi.

The video news service, being run in collaboration with YRD Media, begun with Live-Feed at for the first address by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on her re-election to the post for the fourth time in a row.

Video news service is made to use by most of the channels for the providing video footage of developments on different circumstances. While, some of the big News TV networks have infrastructure in place to support live coverage of such big-scale events by making use of OB Vans (Outside Broadcast Vans), others have heavy dependency on the video news service providers such as ANI, Reuters, APTN and now UNITV due to economical burden. Another constraint in such circumstances for beaming live coverage for some of the channels is geographical constraint.

For delivery of Live-Feed to the channels UNITV made use of a 4MB Point-to-Point-Link-Line between Congress Headquarters and UNI Television Headquarters in New Delhi. Making provision for the Live-Feed service UNITV becomes the first Indian news agency to provide live feed to its clients.

To mention here, UNITV began with operations in November 2009 and has been in the state of dry runs for the past six months. The News Service makes use of satellite as well as FTP for delivery of the feeds to its clients. It officially launched its service on 15th August this year.



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