DQ Entertainment Signs Broadcasting Deal With Sun TV Network

Animation and gaming firm DQ Entertainment International (DQE) today announced an exclusive tie up with media conglomerate Sun TV Network for broadcasting its international animated content. The size of the contract has not been disclosed.

Under the agreement, DQE will provide 117 half-hours of international animated programs, which have been co-produced with major European, Canadian and U.S. partners.

The properties to be broadcast on Sun TV platform include Casper’s Scare School (3D TV Series) , Benjamin Bear Season 1 (TV Series), Leonardo (TV Series) and Pet Pals (TV Series).

The tie up allows Sun TV to broadcast these programs in four languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam across their extensive network in India, Sri Lanka and many other countries with Indian diaspora.

This is one of the largest Indian TV distribution deals that DQE has concluded which will also take its world famous IPs to kids in India and Indian kids abroad.

DQE which separately controls exclusive audio, visual, licensing & merchandising rights for India and many other countries, believes that the Sun TV agreement will open up a number of potential revenue generating opportunities for these four international properties in publishing, merchandising and home entertainment.

“We are a well recognized entertainment group worldwide with marquee brand ownerships. We have been able to produce fantastic Indian intellectual properties with global broadcasting leaders like Disney, Turner, Nickelodeon and also been able to place high quality IPs owned by us on Indian regional broadcasting platforms to reach out to much larger audiences,” Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman & CEO of DQE Group said.

Kavitha Jaubin, Channel Head – Chutti TV, Sun TV Network, India said, ” The titles are those which will create a good viewing base and will attract newer audiences. We are excited as a channel to launch these titles soon and we are looking forward to doing more such rewarding deals with DQE”.

Shares of DQE are now trading at Rs.100.20 on the BSE, up a little over 4% after rising as much as 8% earlier in the day, while shares of Sun TV Network, which operates 20 channels across 27 countries, are up about a percent.

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