Dish TV to role out Conditional Access Module

On the launching of Dish TV’s HD service, CEO Salil Kapoor reveals company’s plans of facilitating viewers with the option of switching its existing operator without changing the set top box. This facility will be made possible with the deployment of Conditional Access Module (CAM) device.

The new development is expected to be implemented in next 2 months. With this tool, subscribers of different DTH operators will be able to get broader transmission options without any extra cost.

CAM is a device which offers inter-switching ability to the user. This data card when inserted into a set top box of any DTH operator provides several options.

“With new cost-effective and optimal priced services such as DTH and HD, we can reduce the subsidy on the installation cost and thus attain break-even in two years,” he said.

The guidelines for such inter-usability of DTH equipment have been laid down by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in the licensing norms and the regulator was likely to intervene in case any operator did not have the requisite provisions.


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