New and Fresh UTV

In a span of 20 years, Ronnie Screwvala-promoted UTV has grown from the early Shanti days to today’s Dadagiri mayhem, moving not just with but ahead of time. And now the company believes that the time has arrived to shed the old corporate image and don a new look.

Unveiling a new logo after so many years, the company put in plenty of time and effort before finalising the new look and feel of the brand.

UTV Software Communications co-founder and director Zarina Mehta noted that UTV has spent almost 17 years in the B2B (business-to-business) space, producing shows for others, without any real direct consumer connect. “In the last few years the company has undergone a major change with the launch of broadcasting segment with channels like Bindass, UTV Action, UTV Movies and UTV World Movies.”

“The channels cumulatively reach out to 126 million urban Indian consumers, and that’s why after 20 years of using a logo with a complete corporate look and feel, it is now moving to something which consumers can better relate to, as well as something that suits its brand image.

“On an average week 70 million individuals watch UTV group channels. Viewers spend on an average (22 week average) 60,000 hours watching these channels,” Mehta added.

With 1494 employees across the globe and with its reach expanding via the console and online gaming arms, UTV feels that it is a perfect time to unveil a logo that symbolises its beliefs

Mehta said, “The words that describe us as a firm are cool, vibrant, hatke, while the values that define us are disruptive thinking, innovative ideas, trend setting, touching edge creativity and our ability to constantly challenge ourselves and others. We wanted our new look to exemplify this.”

The company is looking actively towards new technology, new screens, new mediums and newer ways to reach out to its growing customer base, and following up on this it will launch on 20 June, content exclusively for mobiles. This is coming after the success of its audio cinema which in the last six months has garnered a customer base of 1.5 million people.

UTV ran through 400 logos submitted by eight different creative companies before deciding on the one designed by Bonsey, a Singapore company. The static version of the new logo is already out, while the animation version is currently being shot in-house by UTV, Mehta added.



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