Canada to get new Discovery channels later this year

After Sri Lanka, Canada will also receive digital TV channels from the stable of Discovery Brands. The company holds plan of rebranding of two other channels by the end of this year.

Discovery World HD, a rebranding of Discovery HD, will launch on August 2nd, Investigation Discovery (ID), a new channel to Canada will launch on Monday, August 30th and Discovery Science, a rebranding of Discovery Civilization will launch on Monday, September 27th.

Investigation Discovery by the name suggests is a crime revelation related channel that will includes program content like crime documentaries, criminal investigations etc. Programs of this new channel will include ‘Prison Wives’, ‘On the case with Paula Zahn’ etc.

In addition to the two new stations, the company said it would be rebranding Discovery HD and Discovery Civilization to Discovery World HD and Discovery Science respectively.

On the other hand, Discovery Science, which replaces Discovery Civilization on September 27th, will focus on technological innovations, ingenious breakthroughs and the latest consumer gadgets.

Discovery Brands is a joint venture between Discovery Communications and CTV. It is the company which will regulate the functioning of these channels.

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