BBC to launch a simulcast of BBC One in HD this autumn

BBC has plans to launch a simulcast for its BBC One channel in high-definition format. With this HD simulcast, the UK viewers of the popular channel will see, for the first time, some of the BBC’s most loved programmes move to HD by the end of the year.

The BBC One HD will be made available over all the digital TV platforms in the country offering HD channels including Freesat, Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.

With the initial launch of BBC One in HD this autumn the majority of programmes in the BBC One network evening schedule will be available in HD. By 2012 BBC One expects to have vast majority of all its titles across all hours to be in HD.

With this addition, BBC would be beaming two channels in HD format – BBC One HD and BBC HD, the already existing channel operational since December 2007.

BBC HD channel is the UK’s first free-to-air high definition television channel. Besides, BBC HD Channel itself will extend its regular broadcast hours over the coming months from around nine hours a day to 12. The BBC’s existing HD Channel will continue to remain home to the best of the BBC’s programmes from across all its channels.


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