WorldSpace Radio now plans to de-orbit its satellites

WorldSpace, the operator of the satellite radio which remains in the bankruptcy, has filed an emergency motion with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court to “de-orbit” its two satellites. In a statement WorldSpace has shown urgency towards de-commissioning the satellites that cater to Asian and African region.

WorldSpace plans to either de-orbit or sell ‘AfriStar’ and ‘AsiaStar’ satellites after receiving due to permission from the court. In the filing the company says that the satellites need to be removed immediately from orbit to prevent damage to both the Satellites and equipment in orbit owned and operated by others.

On the other hand Liberty Satellite Radio, a unit of Liberty Media that has been funding the operations of WorldSpace in the state of bankruptcy, has mentioned that it will not provide any more funds to WorldSpace. It has been reported that Liberty has terminated transaction negotiations between the two companies.

Once the approval is sought by the court, WorldSpace will de-orbit the two satellites by disconnecting them and will be sent to a graveyard orbit safe from damaging other satellites. The bankruptcy court judge, Peter Walsh, will hear the application this coming Wednesday, March 24.


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