Govt. to make Prasar Bharti stand on its own feet

The government has made all arrangements and plans to make Prasar Bharti stand on its own feet in terms of financial dependency. To make this government regulated body an ‘independently regulated’ one, government has took some important steps. To grant financial aid to Prasar Bharti, central government has decided to give whole price of its assets and properties. Along with it, the restriction on recruitment has also been removed from the Prasar Bharti.

In a recently concluded meeting presided by Home Minister P. Chidambaram, a committee of ministers proceeded that financial amendment plan which was put on back burner when UPA government came in power. First meeting regarding this matter commenced on 16th of April. The effect of Prasar Bharti on this meeting will be displayed in near future. Government wants that the bureaucracy and lazy work culture in Prasar Bharti should come to an end.

After this, Prasar Bharti will have to arrange its own resource for operations. The body will have to extract a minimum of 50% in next five years from its internal and extra budgetary resources. And after the year 2014-15, government will cut down the financial aid to the body. The decision will be implemented in the financial year 2010-2011 and will be reviewed after 5 years.

Along with Chidambaram, Ambika Soni, Prithviraj Chavhan and Veerappa Moily are included as the members of this committee. The committee has taken many important decisions regarding Prasar Bharti. According to the decision, government will provide 50% of the total expenditure of Prasar Bharti under a non planned grant.

Also, the government will provide financial aid instead of providing loan for Prasar Bharti’s construction related expenditures. Because, loan has the compulsion to be repaid along with the interest but financial grant doesn’t carry any kind of compulsion.

In 2010, the total revenue of Prasar Bharti was Rs.1050 crores which was less than 50% of its total expenditure. 76% of this revenue came only from its Television network Doordarshan.

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