Dharm channel to offer religious content with its launch

Dharm media venture officially announced the launch religious channel ‘Dharm’. Sabhyata, Sanskriti, Vishwas and Parampara define ‘Dharm’ and that’s the core essence Dharm will follow in the time to come. The channel is dedicated to the religious Jagriti of India to awaken the spirituality of the world. Dharm is promoted by people who have excelled in corporate and media world over the years.

The channel will be available to over 50 million people across the country within 6 months of its launch. The channel is available through local networks in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, Gujrat and parts of Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar and will capture a substantial market over a period of next one month.

Dharm will look deep into the ancient Sat Sanatan Dharma, Vedic period and Gurus and Godmen of modern India along with covering sacred temples and festivities throughout the country. Few of the shows going on-air with the launch of Dharm include a classic serial like Ramkrishna Paramhans, along with other documentary based programmes like Bharat ke Mandir, Shaktipeeth, Teerthsthal, Mera Dharm Mera Karam, A day with a Saint, Satsang and Utsav ke Rang to name a few. Weekend specials will include programmes like Dharmyatra, Reeti Rivaj and Vidhi Vidhan along with at least a religious movie every week. Apart from this Pravachan, Panchang, Yoga, Astrology will be part of channels daily shows.

Dharm also will have a unique show Bhajan Sangram that is First ever Talent Hunt Show on religious music in India. Religious music has a very rich cultural heritage in our country and Dharm would showcase new talents of religious music in India. The programming has been conceptualised to ensure positive feeling and energy amongst the viewers by uplifting their spirituality, so that they feel and experience – the true religion – The Dharm.


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