“What’s On India” Channel rides on DTH platform with Dish TV

India’s first and only Consumer TV Guidance Channel is now available on the the country’s first DTH service platform. What’s On India Media Private Limited’s channel “What’s On India” is now available on Dish TV on channel 1000.

The company founded by Atul Phadnis launched the channel “What’s On India” in December 2009 only on the Hathway Cable platform. With its inclusion on the DTH platform Dish TV the channel is expanding its reach to more homes in the sub-continent. What’s-on-India Media is India’s largest Consumer TV Guidance and EPG Company.

The channel aids TV viewers by informing and recommending a wide variety of program choices across multiple TV channels round-the clock. Moreover it also helps viewers to discover the choicest content hidden in the huge clutter of TV channels. “What’s On India” initiated a new trend in the TV viewing experience in India, which is quite popular internationally, and has set a new benchmark.

Dish TV CEO, Salil Kapoor remarks on the tie-up, “Consumer TV Guidance has become a necessity with the number of channels and programs available today. We believe this initiative offers a unique method of TV guidance and convenience in program selection to our viewers and is a value addition for a lot of them who have been waiting for such unique content to be made available to them.”

“When we started out, our vision was to guide TV viewers in their personalized search for TV content. In this journey, we have experienced an overwhelming demand for a TV Guidance Channel. We are pleased to be available on theDISH TV platform. The WHAT’S-ON-INDIA channel will enable discovery of new content to millions of DISH TV viewers round-the-clock,” s ays Atul Phadnis, Founder and CEO of What’s On India.

Looking to address the needs of the Indian TV viewers by constantly presenting viewers with information and recommendations of what TV programs to watch and where to find them, the channel aims to reach 20 million homes by the first quarter of 2010!


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