CAM to be Launched by Dish TV

Set Top Box owners of different operators are soon going to have the facility of switching to Dish TV’s feed of Television channels, as this popular Direct to Home (DTH) service provider has plans of launching Conditional Access Module (CAM) for the consumers. According to a source, “Dish TV hopes to grab new subscribers at lower cost from rival companies through this strategy”.

CAM is the device which helps in accurate shifting from one DTH service provider to another, just by inserting it into the Set Top Box. This frees users from the burden of buying a new set top box to avail the services of other provider. But its CAM’’s success wholly depends on its prices, which are still to be revealed by the Dish TV. The government was keen on offering the facility of making choice to the customers and it has been insisting that the set top boxes must receive DTH Signals. Lincensing Norms for DTH service providers makes it compulsory for them to offer technical interoperability, in order to make the user free from buying anotherset top box.

It is instructed by TRAI that all the Set Top Box must be compliant with CAM facility or must possess a free space for the installing of this gadget. According to a secret source, “We believe there is no market for CAMs in India as its cost is almost equal to the cost of newset top box so consumers prefer to just buy a new connection.” And as per Umesh Rao, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Big TV, “Different DTH service providers use different compression technologies like MPEG 2 and MPEG 4. So even if a consumer is able to switch service providers and watchtelevision channels, she/he cannot access interactive services or value added services of a different DTH company.”


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