14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B

14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B
14 Billion To digitize DD & AIR, proposed by I&B
January 21, 2010
Source: MM Network
By: Gaurav Maurya
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A Proposal constituting Rs6 Billion to Doordarshan and Rs8 Billion to All India Radio regarding their absolute digitization has been prepared by Information & Broadcasting Ministry. According to a statement from a senior government official, the proposal will be submitted before cabinet very soon for the discussion. The official adds that the government stands firm on completing the digitization process of Electronic Media by the year 2017.

Apart from India, China has set the same deadline of the year 2017, whereas, the US had already failed to meet its 2009 deadline of completing digitization for its Media.

The process for Digitisation has been accelerated by Doordarshan and AIR as both the bodies were beaming terrestrially in order to attain access all over the country. Out of its total budget of Rs.13.69 billion granted in the Fifth Year Plan (2007-2012), Doordarshan solely devoted the large share of Rs. 12.09 Billion only for the digitization of the Channel.

During the whole process, digitization of existing studios, replacement and augmentation of old studios, transmitter & satellite and establishment of digital transmitters will take place. Broadcasting equipment and setting up of HDTV facilities will also be on the priority. The process would benefit the new channels waiting to come in the arena, as the digitization process will create a free space in the spectrum which is used for the transmission of analogue signals. Doordarshan is also likely to use an extra spectrum in a partnership model in order to generate more revenues.

Field Production and Post Production facilities are to be setup in the four Metro Cities, whereas, Delhi and Mumbai are going to have the privilege of acquiring two HDTV Studios. . The HDTV uplink will be set up at Delhi, and HDTV terrestrial transmitters will be installed in four metros. And it’s good news for viewers that they may get the transmission of much awaited Commonwealth Games in HDTV Format.

Out of total 66 Studio centers of Doordarshan, 23 already hold the status of being digitized whereas, 39 of them are partially digitized or analogue. These partially digitized studios will get fully digitized by the year 2012 under the 11th five year plan. Also there are plans to use Digital Satellite News Gathering(DSNG) for the modernization of Satellite Earth Stations.



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