Hello FM is now Radio Hello FM

Keeping an eye on the phase III FM rollout, Hello (106.4) FM, owned by Malar Publications Group, has changed its name to Radio Hello (106.4) FM. The Tamil Nadu-based radio venture, which till now was more inclined towards the Tamil language, has decided to focus on colloquial language.

Rajeev Nambiar, chief executive officer and president, Radio Hello FM, explains to us that the radio station was better known by its frequency rather than the brand name. However, as the brand equity is built now, it was the right decision to focus on brand name rather than frequency.

Nambiar says, “We decided to reduce the usage of regional language, when and where it is not required. While we still continue to be a Tamil-centric station, we are dropping heavy Tamil words and will now use many of the English phrases.”

Nambiar adds that the radio station will now focus on metro Tamil audience rather than the rural Tamil segment. The rebranding effort started since the end of July across all the stations of the group in cities such as Chennai, Kovai, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Nellai, Tuticorin and Puducherry.

The FM station has renamed its breakfast show as Hello Cafe. For the 11 pm-12 am slot, it has launched a new show, called Hello Gramophone, which is about nostalgic retro numbers.

For the programming on the station, the channel has also tied up with BBC Radio, whereby the latter will provide 90 second capsules throughout the day on Bollywood, sports, lifestyle and other topics. The show is called Hello Nimisham BBC Vishayam, and will go on air from August 17.

Recently, the station has also started a radio contact activity, called Aircel College Semastar, wherein the radio jockeys (RJs) of all the stations of Radio Hello will go to 91 colleges across Tamil Nadu and identify about 5,000 people, who could probably make their mark in the field of radio.

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