Sunny Deol slaps legal notice on Big FM

Actor Sunny Deol has sent a legal notice to Mumbai radio station Big FM for allegedly making a mockery of him in ‘Son Sunny’, a popular filler on the radio station which is a spoof on Sunny Deol and his father Dharmendra.

The actor has claimed damages of Rs two billion on the station. The show has an artiste who mimics Sunny and Dharmendra, having an imagined conversation and thus entertaining the listeners. It has been on air for over six months now and Sunny has decided to sue the station for the humour capsule which according to him is in ‘bad taste’ and ‘below the belt’. The actor has sent a legal notice to the station on 1 August 2009 asking it to pull the capsule off air.

If adequate steps will not be taken by the station within a week, the actor will file a lawsuit against the station, he said in a media conference held in Mumbai on Tuesday. “The station should not have undertaken such cheap comedy. The show is on air for quite sometime. But since it didn’t go off air I had to take the legal course to put an end to something that insulted me and my family,” said Sunny. “I was busy myself and also I thought it would be pulled off on its own after sometime but since that did not happen for a long time teaching them a lesson became important,” he further added.

The actor’s lawyer Ashok Sarogi said, “We have sent a notice as a preventive action to the station for the cheap publicity that they have resorted to. The notice puts forth liquated damages of Rs two billion.” Big FM officials have declined to comment on the issue.


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