Zee Marathi launches new reality show

General entertainment channel Zee Marathi is set to launch a new quiz-based reality show Hapta Band from 3 July onwards.

The show will be aired every Wednesday-Thursday at 9.30 pm, a slot that has remained vacant since the conclusion of dance reality show Eka Peksha Ek. Zee Marathi has been airing repeats of its show in the same slot.
The show will help winners to clear their debt between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 million.
Hapta Band will be anchored by Aadesh Bandekar, who has been host to the channel’s top rated shows – Home Minister (longest running game show) and Eka Peksha Ek


12 Responses to “Zee Marathi launches new reality show”

  1. Anil Hinge Says:

    Khupach changala quize based reality show.

  2. pandurang Mirgal Says:

    pls. select me for reality show.

  3. Gopal Unhale Says:

    This is the encouragement to the peple who want to do more in Life and ready to take risk….

    Also it will help to complete the dream at full / partial …

    Great show!!!

  4. Gopal Unhale Says:

    I would like to test my KUCK as well as my knoledge !!!!

  5. malpote sukhadev pandurang Says:

    i cannot expreess word about this program it is excelent IAM EAGER TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM

  6. Subhash Pagare Says:

    How to participate in Hapta band

  7. Vikas Tryambake Says:

    How to participate in Hapta band

  8. Ramesh Kasabale Says:

    How to participate in Hapta band

  9. Manoj Londhe Says:

    it’s a really great concept & may be God want to give an opportunity to needy people who just want to come out their problem which makes life reallllllly hectic..

  10. rajesh Says:

    how to paricipate

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