Amrita TV firms up Saturday programming with two new shows

Malayalam entertainment channel Amrita TV is gearing up to launch two new shows on 27 June in a bid to beef up its Saturday programming.

While Business Buzz will be aired at 1.30 pm to provide an overview of the businesses in Kerala, travelogue Ezham Kadalinakkare (across the seven seas) will be telecast at 8.30 pm to capture the sights, sounds and spirit of locales around the world.

Business Buzz is divided into three sections – company profile, young businessman and business news.

‘Company profile’ gives a short summary of the firm and its performance that includes details of its origin, growth graph, product range, long term objectives, profit margins and its full history till date (in brief).

‘Young businessman’ will sketch new entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge into the speculative waters of trade and commerce.

‘Business news’ will bring the top stories from the business world, the latest headlines that haven’t been ‘broken’ by any other media, and exclusive coverage of new product launches.


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