Saam Marathi beefs up afternoon programming with live women-centric shows

Saam Marathi, the Marathi infotainment channel from the Sakaal Group, is beefing up its afternoon band with special slots for women.

The channel has started airing phone-in live women-centric programmes between 1 and 6 pm from Monday-Saturday since 13 April.


Saam Marathi, which has not been able to generate good ratings since its launch on 15 August last year, is now trying to get a boost by wooing more female audiences in the afternoon.


The channel claims that these five-hours, dedicated to the women of Maharashtra, carry programmes with loads of fun, solution-based interactive shows, prizes to be won and a lot more.


Says Saam Marathi promotion head Ambarnath Sinha, “This is a first-time-ever effort in the history of Indian television that a channel has an afternoon slot of five hours live programs for women on-air where they can chat win prizes and share their views and ideas over phone-ins.”


The channel airs five live shows of 45 minutes each, followed by 15 minutes of off-line programmes in between. At 1 pm, the channel airs Sughran, a live cookery show in which viewers come across with the preparations of delicacies or preparations they know and relish every day. At 2 pm is Madhura, an anchor-based live-chat show, in which viewers can call and discuss, debate, deliberate and share ‘everything under the sun.’

Sare Ga Sare Gauia at 3 pm is a song-based quiz show where every winner will get a cash prize. At 4 pm, the channel airs Mana Maje, where viewers can come up with their problems to be answered by experts. Finally, at 5 pm is Saam Sanjivani, a holistic approach towards leading a healthy life through good living habits.


The channel will give beauty tips from the experts in the programme Rupa Dekhane. Tips are given on home decorations, creative art and gift items in Kala Rangan; Pahuni/Tejaswini is a motivational slot with inspirational anecdotes of women whileBhavisyaveda gives astrological advice.



12 Responses to “Saam Marathi beefs up afternoon programming with live women-centric shows”

  1. mohini Says:

    barobar Rohini !!! thanks…….. mazya manatle bollis.

  2. aanagha rahate Says:

    i like to see your programme sugran & saam sanjeevani, but i am unable to watch this programme as i have got a 2 1/2 year son and i have to take care of him so can you repeat this programme on sundays in the afternoon and can if possible can i see the recorded programme also another thing i would like to know the address and cost of different kriyas performed at dr tambes clinic as i want to take my dad there.

  3. Trupti Sorate Says:

    I liked your Madhura program. Really liked Dr. Roopmati Yewalekar’s advice & suggestions. But you didnt give her address or any other contact details.

    Can you provide me Dr. Roopmati Yewalekar’s contact details becoz I want to take her appointment.

    Hope you will provide me details through mail

  4. shrikant Says:

    i want to medicine can u help me

    – balamrut and aabhangya oil for my kid

    where i will get this both can u provide me contact no or address

  5. baasu Says:

    need sachin s hair dresser address

  6. Sanjivani Sherekar Says:

    Dear Sir / Maam

    Mazya lagnala June 2010 madhe 3 varsh purna hotil. Ajun Kid nahi. Torch test possitive aahe. Mala sudrudh, nirogi bal hovu shakel ka. Pls suggest something.

  7. Shashi.A.Warang Says:

    We liked your Saam Sanjivani program.I need Dr.Bhagyashree Dhope ….

    Dear Sir,
    We dont have that information, I advice you to google it.

    Hari S

  8. mario Says:


    can i have the contact or email of Dr.Mrunmayee Bhajaks from pune.
    She had been on your tv programme. I understand she has the medicine for curing white patches /vertigo




    my wife is having gastric problems,we want to come at your karla clinic.

    can u help us out at what time we should come there.


  10. dipak Says:

    hi, i like the actress who anchor sugaran programme. but i dont know her name. she also work in ya gojirvanya gharat serial as Diksha Pandit. plz mail me her real name. why she didnt perform any photo shoot. she is beautiful.. i love her.

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