Big FM, Chennai introduces four humour characters

Big FM, Chennai will raise a few laughs from its listeners in Chennai as it has introduced four comic characters to rule the airwaves in Tamil Nadu.

The on-air interstitial’s, titled Dammara Seidigal, Big Lollu, Situation Chinnaraasu and Major Manikkam, have been introduced to boost the music being played on the radio station.

Starting with the breakfast show till the evening show, these interstitial’s are part and parcel of the daily programmes. The interstitial’s are short of 30-45 seconds each.

PB Ramaswamy, cluster head, Big FM – Tamil Nadu, says, “What makes our station going is the fact that it is local and hugely interactive. We have integrated humour as part of the station’s programming mix for that immediate kick and refreshment. Our new tailor-made properties will provide wholesome entertainment to the listeners.”

The first interstitial to be introduced on-air will be Chinnaraasu, where the funny character will be presented with a humorous situation and he will come up with a song to match the situation. Big Lollu, the second character, will dole out helpful trivia and information on varied subjects.

The third character, Dammara Seidigal, will keep the listeners abreast of the latest happenings in and around their city. The fourth entertainer is Major Manikkam, who having served in the army, takes great pride in delivering witty dialogues, and will ask the listeners to come up with equally rib-tickling responses.


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