Discovery Travel & Living launches three new series

Discovery Travel & Living has launched three travel series – Rough Guides, Walking the World and Things to Try before You Die, all of which focus on different travel experiences.

Rajiv Bakshi, director, marketing and communications, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “With an increasing desire to explore various locales around the world, the three unique travel series will act as ultimate guides to the traveler. The series will undoubtedly encapsulate every desired thrill that a traveler. would want to experience. From in-depth analysis for planning the perfect holiday to gut-wrenching antics, the programmes will keep viewers engaged.”

Rough Guides will provide information on how to choose and plan a budget holiday at various destinations, including wildlife parks, islands, and hip cities. The 17-part series, which went on-air on March 1, will be telecast every Sunday at 9 pm.

Each week, the series will explore the top five destinations in each category – beaches, cities, eco escapes, weekend breaks and hidden gems – before naming the one considered to give travelers the best holiday experience.

Another show, Walking the World will depict dramatic sights and local cultures that a traveler. can experience, simply by walking. The series’ hosts will walk through 10 trails on five continents, exploring the planet’s heights and depths, prehistoric forests and ancient wonders of the world.

Some of the destinations covered in the 10-part series are Tanzania, Alaska, Italy, France, Austria, China and Arizona. The series will be aired on the channel every Monday at 10 pm.

Things to Try before You Die has hosts like Jules Lund, Livinia Nixon and Gary Sweet indulging in the top 30 outrageous and adventurous activities in different destinations across the globe, including the US, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and France. The eight-part series will be aired on the channel every Wednesday at 9 pm.

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