Times Now No.1 in 2008 ( and now )

TIMES NOW the most watched 24 hour English news channel emerges as the no.1 channel in 2008 according to the audience measurement data released by TAM (Television Audience Measurement). TIMES NOW’s news-centric strategy combined with its superior content has contributed towards establishing TIMES NOW as the undisputed leader in English News Channel space in India.


Amongst CS Male 25+ SEC AB, 1Million plus markets TIMES NOW was at No.1 position for 29 weeks out of 52 in 2008 against 18 for NDTV and CNN-IBN for 9 weeks. In terms of channel viewer ship share TIMES NOW garnered an average channel share of 28% in comparison to NDTV 26% & CNN-IBN 22% for the entire year.


Amongst all adults (CS15+, 1 Million + markets) TIMES NOW was at No.1 position for 32 weeks out of 52 with NDTV at 28 and CNNIBN at 4.


2008 has seen events that have redefined television journalism as we know it – Key events like the Union Budget, the IPL finals, Jaipur blast, the Trust vote of the UPA Government, US elections, Mumbai Terror Attacks and the recently concluded State Elections. TIMES NOW has consistently scored over competition and garnered the highest share in each of these key events.


Speaking about the year Mr. Chintamani Rao, CEO TIMES NOW says, “The battle of the news marketplace is fought every day of the week, every hour of the day. TIMES NOW has made it its mission to be ‘Always with the news’ – whether it’s the big events or it’s the daily news; triumph or tragedy. These numbers tell us that what we do is meaningful to the viewers for whom we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


It’s been only 3 years since launch and TIMES NOW has scripted a growth story in TV news unparalleled in terms of traction in viewership, leading over competition and becoming the most watched and preferred English news channel. News relevant to an urban audience in areas of politics, economics, sports, entertainment in India and across the world has resulted in TIMES NOW becoming a daily habit of viewers across the country to catch their news needs. The focus on news, responsible and unbiased reporting and an unparalleled passion for news journalism gives TIMES NOW the clear edge over competition thus dethroning NDTV to emerge as the undisputed leader in English news space.


The New Year will see the channel remain committed to asking tough, incisive and often uncomfortable questions to give the viewer the sharpest perspective on news.

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