Star Movies to unveil new logo from January 1

Star Movies, the leading English movie channel, will unveil a new logo from January 1, which will be rolled out across its network of services from Southeast Asia and India to the Middle East and Taiwan.

An official spokesperson from the channel said to, “While the logo may have changed, one thing remains constant is that Star Movies continues to deliver the best films from the around the world. There was no conscious decision to make the new logo look different, and was adopted as it matches the programming on the channel.”

The new logo sports a bold look, with emphasis on the word ‘Movies’, and looks different from the logos of the other channels in the Star bouquet, but similar to the Star World logo.

In January, the channel will air hit movies like The Simpsons Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and the Oscar nominees such as Apocalypto and Enchanted.

In February, the channel will air the 81st Annual Academy Awards. To celebrate the awards, the channel will present Oscar Fever, a themed night featuring the premieres of 2008 Academy Awards winners.


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