Nine FM radio rides its listeners on Cloud Nine

In an initiative called Cloud Nine, Gangtok’s Nine FM radio is offering a chopper ride deal to its listeners for answering a few questions correctly. The move is to commemorate 10 years of Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd’s services in Sikkim.

“Besides entertaining and informing, Nine FM has always aspired to make people’s dreams come true. We got a positive response from the aviation company, and are flying 10 lucky listeners,” says Bobby Gupta, chief executive officer, Nine FM.

Nine FM, a private broadcasting station operating on 91.9 FM MHz, learnt that Pawan Hans, the chopper service provider, was reaching that milestone and discussed a tie-up to mark the occasion with its officials. Listeners were asked random questions every day under the initiative and 10 people who gave correct answers to all the questions have won a free trip in a chopper. 

Nine FM is Sikkim’s first FM station and covers the Northern part of West Bengal, too. It has two stations – one at Gangtok, which has been running for the past three months, and the other at Siliguri, which has been operating for the past nine months. 

Both radio stations are promoted by the Kolkata-based Chinar Circuits and play a mix of Bollywood and English content. The Gangtok station also airs Nepali music.


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