Goa Doordarshan Kendra upgrades with hi-tech studio


The Doordarshan Kendra in the Goa state is set to give Goan audiences a series of quality programmes with the upgraded hi-tech studio ready for recording from today December 22.

The small television relay centre which was set up in 1982, has been upgraded to a state-of-the-art high power transmitter and programme generating facility comprising a studio floor area of around 50 sq m.

An additional high power transmitter for news services has also been set up. An additional studio facility (ASF) is also going to be added to the existing set-up shortly.

This ASF will comprise a floor area of more than 130 sq m, which is more than double the area of the existing studio. The studio is now equipped to record large panel discussions with bigger audiences compared to 2-way or 3-way panel discussions in the existing studio.

Speaking to us, C S Bharve, director, Doordarshan Kendra – Goa, said, “There is enough space to house an audience of over 100 in the new studio. This gives us enough space to record interactions. It will definitely improve the quality of our programmes. We will be able to record ‘tiatrs’ and ‘nataks’.”

The new studio has a 28 m by 4.5 m seamless cyclorama to provide an even background to recordings. Thirty four self climbing hoists which are motor controlled and can hold 4 lights each, have been provided. Lights have a dimming facility to provide special effects for drama production and skits. Assorted lights such as day lights and halogen lights have also been provided. 

The day lights provided are energy efficient and have little effect on air conditioning as a negligible amount of heat is produced. Three state-of-the-art cameras have also been provided in the studio. A channel audio mixer with facilities including talk back and fold back have been positioned. This mixer can be used for stereo recordings whenever required. 

Another 16 channel vision mixers are provided to connect various sources. This vision mixer is supported with the latest software for production of programmes with high quality digital effects. Productions will be recorded in VCRs with a DVC PRO 50 format of the latest version.

A programme server has also been provided for tape less production and storage of programmes with archival importance. It will also save time in locating and replaying a particular programme. This studio has been integrated with both, transmitter and earth stations thus making it capable of transmitting live performances via terrestrial mode as well as satellite mode at any given time.


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