NewsX shines post Mumbai terror attacks

As the entire nation tunes in to the news channels for precise updates post the Mumbai terror attacks, NewsX, the English news channel from the house of INX News, stands firm as an trusted source of information amongst others.

According to the TAM Media ratings for the Week 49, the channel’s prime time programmes touched a new high. While the news bulletin at 11 pm on December 01 was the top rated programme, a special programme on Mumbai called 59 Hours of Terror, was ranked number three among the top 100 programmes across all the English news channels. Overall four programmes from NewsX were among the top five programmes during the week.

The ratings reinstates that the channel has succeeded in building a sustainable relationship with its audience through its programming. NewsX has also been rated as number two channel among C&S Digital audiences with relative channel share of 23 per cent on weekdays during the prime time.

Arup Ghosh, head of news room, NewsX, says, “Our attempt to comply with the framework laid down by the security agencies without compromising on the authenticity of the coverage and content, in wake of India ‘s most brutal battles, is what was applauded by our viewers. Our team will continuously strive to offer ethical content to our patrons.”

Adds Gautam Mukerjea, marketing director, INX News, “NewsX stands committed to its core promise of Clarity in a Complex World since inception. These recent ratings clearly stand as testimony to our focus on delivering accuracy and clarity in news dissemination.”


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