Discovery launches new series Call 911

Discovery Channel has kicked off a 20-part series called Call 911, which will air every Friday at 10:30 pm. When emergency strikes, people in the US turn to a help line number 911 in the hope of finding immediate assistance. Discovery’s new show follows actual calls to emergency service 911 to exhibit real human stories of heroism and courage. 

Rajiv Bakshi, director, marketing and communications, Discovery India, said, “Encapsulating surveillance camera footage, panic conversations and recreations of the incidents, Call 911 puts viewers in the midst of heart-thumping crisis and drives curiosity to know what happens next.”

Situations that viewers will witness include people who are trapped in a house on fire, case of a live robbery and a family member who has a fatal heart attack. Revealing the plight of callers in need of help, the show unfolds real drama documented in actual recordings of 911 calls. 

Ranging from life-threatening apartment fire to kidnapping and domestic violence, from armed robbery to unanticipated at-home baby delivery, the programme chronicles varied nerve-wrenching emergency situations.

The calls are recorded and used for solving subsequent emergencies. Instead of playing a few seconds of an emergency call, the programme uses the entire dialogue between the caller and the 911 operator to tell a tale. A few portions of the calls are used in this series to show how the system works.


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