Star World to wear a new look across Asia

Pan Asian broadcaster Star has announced that its English general entertainment channel Star World has kicked off a Reface on-air campaign by unveiling a new logo, new graphics and new promo spots.

At the same time, the broadcaster is premiering two dramas 90210, which is the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off, and the latest season of Heroes.

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Star president entertainment Todd Lituchy says, “The new look is part of our commitment to offering a superior viewing experience. In addition to the new logo and IDs, Star World is offering more exclusive and first-run series.”

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In Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, 90210 premieres on the broadcaster on 4 November which is the same day the channel launches its all-new look. Heroes‘ third season premieres on 6 November at 10 pm, just weeks after its US debut. The Reface campaign will roll out in India next month.

Besides 90210 and Heroes, the broadcaster’s primetime lineup includes shows like Reaper, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, In Plain Sight and Criminal Minds.

Star World offers four services to cater to different viewer tastes – India/Pakistan, Southeast Asia/Greater China, the Philippines and the Middle East. The channel has expanded localisation from programming to on-air look and feel, dispatching crews to shoot footage on locations in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Manila and Beirut. This has resulted in four distinctive ID looks that it hopes will resonate among viewers.

The broadcaster adds that the on-air changes and new-look logo are part of its continued efforts to remain fresh and innovative to reinforce the channel’s dynamic, new approach to programming.



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