Dasavatharam producer sues Vijay TV

Aascar Ravichandran, who produced Kamal Haasan’s latest film Dasavatharam, has filed a civil case against Star India owned Vijay TV for defaming his film and for allegedly using clips from the film without permission in one of its television programmes titled Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru – Comedy King, which airs every Saturday on the channel.

The producer said that he was shocked to see his film Dasavatharam being spoofed on the show last week. “First of all, I have not given any promotional clippings to Vijay TV. Besides using them illegally, they have also mocked the movie scenes with the ten avatars played by Kamal.”

“I have consulted my lawyer to get a stay order against the programme. It was R.G. Venkatesh, the distributor of Kamal’s debut Kannada film Kokila who alerted me on this issue.” Aascar says.

Vijay TV airs the standup comedy show every Saturday, where the participants spoof celebrities. In last week’s show, the participants gave a live voice-over to all the original characters in the clippings of the film, which is still running in many theatres in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

“Even popular debater Solomon Papaiya and director K Bhagyaraj were made fun in the name of satire. But the original footage of these celebrities was never used. I received many mails and SMSs from Kamal’s fans who objected to their matinee idol being ridiculed in this way by the channel.” continues Aascar.

However, Vijay TV denies the allegations that the show was created with the intention to demean the film. “The programme was done in a lighter vein and we never thought it would hurt the sentiments of the producer and the fans of Kamal Haasan. In the due course, we will talk to the producer and also the actor to sort out the issue amicably,” says K Sriram, head, Vijay TV.


One Response to “Dasavatharam producer sues Vijay TV”

  1. Usha Says:

    Is there any update on this news ?

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