Asianet launches Telugu entertainment channel Sitara

Asianet Television Network has officially launched its Telugu entertainment channel Sitara from today October 09, 2008. The channel began its test signals in the second week of September, 2008.

The new channel has a two-phase roll-out. The first set of programming will have blockbuster movies, in-house content, including general entertainment, cookery shows, travelogues, soaps and live shows, while the second phase will see replacement of prime time movies with game and reality shows.

Speaking to us, Vijay Babu, chief operating officer, Sitara, says, “Sitara will add an new dimension to the Telugu television programming, which is fresh and different. We are sure that our viewers will enjoy the channel thoroughly. The talent shows and realty shows on the channel are informatively conceived and interactively executed, as we are set to redefine the television viewing tastes.”

Movies being popular in the region, most channels in this market bank substantially on Telugu movies for their content. Telugu movies are a crucial part of Sitara too, which has acquired a good enough movie library.

So far, the other content has mostly been generated in-house. The channel has been in the making for some time and hopes to aid the network’s growth.

Asianet will also launch a 24-hour Telugu news channel in the Andhra Pradesh in early 2009. The network also plans to launch a bouquet of channels in 2009 in markets including Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Apart from other regions, the network has three prominent channels in the Malayalam market, including Asianet (GEC), Asianet News and Asianet Plus (for the youth).


69 Responses to “Asianet launches Telugu entertainment channel Sitara”

  1. harish Says:

    iwell need sithara tv channel

  2. hari kishan Says:

    sithara chanel give full of entertainment to viwers it will be acquires good position in tv sector all the best

  3. M.K. Ram Prasad Says:

    Your programmes are good. At the same time I would like to put before you about the programme’ sitarabalam’ : plz scroll the phone numbers or email id to contact. In my observation the programme iis good. Secondly the programme ” RANGUPADUDHI’ the anchor is very much talketive which is giving a little bit inconvenient to watch the programme.

  4. lavanya Says:

    Sithara TV is too impresive channel for me in recent days and I want email id for sithara balam program.Also I love to watch PAKASALA programme its very nice with so many new recipies.

    • Ramkumar Says:

      Hello Lavanya,
      I am also regularly watching sitara balam and I become fan of SITARA BALAM. For your information, they are not giving any email id or contact phone numbers. You may send your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to 56006688. SITARA BALAM may call you on your number.


  5. mallik Says:


    The programmes are excellent in your channel. The pakashala is awesome for food lovers, similarly rangupaddudhi, sitara balam, chinni chinni asha. I would like to compliment about the chinni chinni asha program, this is very good and this is the first time i am seeing such a wonderful program from a channel. We are the regular watchers of all the programs, I am recommending your channel to all my friends and relatives, even they are happy about few of your programs.

    Specifically I would like to make a comment regarding the moving transmitted by your channel. Your are showing same movie for atleast 4 times(ex – Athirindiya chandram, chanikyudu and etc). There are 100s and 100s of movies, There are many old movies(may be flopped ones) in telugu, which are even transmitted by DD. Then why are you repeating same moving again and again.

    i hope u understand the viewers problems.

    thanking you,

  6. Rani Says:


    I agree with the mallik words, this channel is very impressive, i am expecting more programmes on social responsibility.
    Nowdays TV channels are very popular as well as impacting on individuals, so what i am trying to tell u means, plz telecast the commedy programmes.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. ark Says:

    what is the name of anchor that comes in apartment aunty everyday night at 9 ………………please tell me………………

  8. ark Says:

    what is the name of anchor that comes in apartment aunty everyday night at 9 ………………please tell me………………

  9. kiran Says:

    what is the name of anchor that comes in apartment aunty everyday night at 9 ………………please tell me………………please

  10. sivaprasad.balivada Says:

    sir asianet is very big and good organization. but why are you late to launch the news channal? please answer my doubt.

  11. sivaprasad.balivada Says:

    sir all indians are know that the asianet network is very famous. we want telugu news channal from your network. so we wait for your new 24* 7 channal. when will it comes to andhra… sir please reply me.

  12. kalyan Says:

    what is the name of anchor that comes in apartment aunty

  13. Bheeshma chary Says:

    I was trying for horoscope in the morning 8 am to 9 am but it is not connecting please tell me you to dial with any code. i have this phone number 56006688. Please tell meeeeee.

    • Ramkumar Says:

      Dear Bheeshma Chary,
      56006688 is not phone no. It is SMS No. U have to send ur name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth by SMS. They may call u and tell ur horoscope. I am trying since last one month spending money on every day SMS, but could not get any call from SITARA BALAM so far. Your luck. YOU MAY .TRY


  14. kaushik Says:

    hi its gud an i hv got an happened correctly..

  15. madhav Says:

    dear sir
    i am madhava chari from bangalore, i have one new excellent consept of tallent show. please give me a chance to me, i promise you sir it ll 101% Success full progamme in ur t.v

  16. madhav Says:

    sir can i know ur cotact no and adress…? i will come to u

  17. jagadish Says:

    i need ‘Sitara Balam’ is the dial-in show hosted by Bijumalla Bindu Madhava Sharma. sms no and contact no

  18. sirisha Says:

    hai sitara
    i live in bahrain i watch almost all the programs in sitara
    now adays i miss most of the programes
    music mantra, amma nanna, rangupaduddi, where have all these programes gone? i miss all of them
    i enjoy mostly star singer and dance dhoom machaley programes very much
    and one lore thing did u change the timing of the serial “aporva raagalu” please let me know the new timings

  19. venkata lakshmi Says:

    i like sitara channel very much .especially theprograms you telecast are very nice .but nowadays some programs are not telecasting .for example themost heart touching serial “APOORVA RAGAALU”. i regularly watch this serialits already 51 episodes completed. but from thursday 30th april 2009 its not coming . please consider my request and telecast the serial .we are not residing in india and where only sitara will come at myplace . i hope i will enjoy the serial again . i will be thanking to you if you respond to my mail at the earliest.

  20. honey Says:

    hi sitara team
    i would like 2 ask request 4m u….
    cn u plzzzzz upload the already shown pakasala episodes in you tube
    so tht if we miss also we cn see…
    thanku u soooo much…

  21. honey Says:

    hi sitara team
    im waching ur channel online in in USeast coast timing….
    from 1 week the programs are repeating
    mrning show movie is shown in afternoon time ….
    pakasala was not coming. the program was getting skipped….
    so plzzzz chk tht n see tht pakashala come in time…
    i liked the program very much n i tried da recipes tooo it was awesome….
    thank you so much 4 tht….

  22. sammaggi Says:

    hai sitara
    iam a huge fadn of sitara tv. at specially chinni chinni asha,it’s heart touching programme.also amma nanna wonder ful heart touching programme.why u remove that programmes.please telecast that programmes is very well.

    new concept apartment aunty is so nice programme.hats up to the apartment aunty producers

  23. sri Says:

    నమస్తే ….మీ సితారా చానల్ ప్రోగ్రామ్స్ చాల బాగున్నాయి అయతే ఈ సితారా బలం అనే జాతక విశేషాల కార్యక్రమం ఎంతో బాగుంది మాధవశార్మగారు చాల బాగా చెప్తారు దయచేసి వారి మేల్ అడ్రస్స్ ఈయగలుగుతారా….

  24. nageswarrao Says:

    hi sitaratv management iam very big fan of ur progrem CHINI CHINNI ASA such agreat progrem because the human eliment of this progrem is really heart touching i appriciat anchor sri suresh he done a wonderful job i request u please telicast that chiini chinni asa no other chennal is telicast like a great progrem plzzzz telicast CHINI CHINNI ASA…. THANKU

  25. nageswarrao Says:

    i agree with nageswarraos feling i also apriciate sitara team and chinni chinni asa team thnku

  26. Kiishore Says:

    I need ankello adrustam program phone number sir…

  27. a.sathyapal reddy Says:

    anklo adrustam program chalabagundi
    athani phone nomber
    address maku mail chyagalaru

    A.sathyapal reddy

  28. G. Venkateswara Rao Says:

    I need ankello adrustam program phone number sir, how can i register my name, onece i give massage from phone .

  29. srinivas Says:

    hi friends please tell me the phone number of ‘ADUSTRAM’ program in Atv channel . it is of horoscope. its comes on every day 3 : 00 pm to 3 : 30 pm.
    i want to meet them . thankink you in advance.

  30. G. Venkateswara Rao Says:

    very nice

  31. nagesh Says:

    sitara channel i want to dhoom macha re , anchor kaushil mobile number , he is my frnd in child hood , so plz tell me his phone number


  32. Prasad Says:

    Can I have the links for downloading videos of Pakasala?

  33. kumar Says:

    this is a very very bad channel in andharapradesh

  34. Madhav Says:

    Can I have the links for downloading videos of Pakasala?

  35. saif Says:

    ankello adrustam program is very good but the anchor is very bad
    she asks all silly questions with the callers.

    i dont know the name of the numerologist name but he is fantastic.

    i would like to request the management to give the program to the
    respected numerologist to handle alone this will increase your TRP rating and the
    viewer ship.

    • sateesh Says:

      hi i am sateesh
      i want sitara tv program ankello adrustam numerologist phone number please give me. Frend please

  36. mytheli Says:

    hi this is mytheli im fan of programm star singers i like it sooooooooooo even im a classical singer can i get contact of contestents of that programm plsssssssss

  37. mytheli Says:

    can u say me when will again star singers programm starts again

  38. I want to download d song of amma nanna programme in sitara channel,wil u plz tel me hw 2 get d song. Says:

    I wanna download the title song of amma nanna programme

  39. sunitha Says:

    i need amma nanna live show program title song is in which movie

  40. ffffff Says:


  41. Sateesh Says:

    I like Ankello Adrustam programme. Please give me the contact number of the numerologist. I wait for your response. It’s too urgent.

  42. sree Says:

    hi, my favorite one is pakasala pls telecast that “franky” is prepared it was nice. star singer is very nice why U people are stoped that you have 2 start that. in pakasala U R reapeating the episodes. Add pakasala episodes in internet it is very useful to us.

  43. G.Pandidurai Says:

    Dear sir
    During night after 11.30 PM you are telecasting cinema songs well, and I am seeing programe of last one week and just you are repeating only one CD I thing and it is getting very very BORE and you may telecast
    some new film songs having love and glamure and we will be very thankfull

  44. nageswarao Says:

    excellent channel

  45. abhinav 9849266210 Says:

    i want sitara tv program ankello adrustam numerologist phone number please give me.

  46. padmini kumari Says:

    your chinni chinni asha programe is fantabulous and iam very much impresed on it.i am pleasing you to develop more programmes like that.and amma nanna program theme song was awesome.

  47. amit Says:

    i wanna be anchor in sitara can u el me mail ur id

  48. jayanthi Says:


  49. jayanthi Says:


  50. hsyed Says:

    I like Ankello Adrustam programme. Please give me the contact number of the numerologist. I wait for your response. It’s too urgent.

  51. hsyed Says:

    9plase send sm s ankello adrustm numerologiet no 9490720091

  52. cva Says:

    I like ur programs very much..
    Firstly i like ur amma nanna program which u r telecasting..
    If u dont mine can u tell me how to download that song of
    amma nanna program my email id is ***********

  53. raj_08 Says:

    hello sitara team,
    programs which you are telecasting were so nice. can you people provid vedios of pakasala and dhoom macha de previous vedios in youtube. the dance concepts was nice

  54. Gowtham Says:

    Hello! Im Gowtham,,, Im searching for the contact details of Ankello Adrustam program. Could any one please help me in providing the details (like phone number mor way to contact them) with whch I can contact them(Ankello Adrustam program) and make my nemurolgy good.
    Thank you in advance.. The information you provide will be appreciable.

  55. Sudha Says:

    Hi Sitara team,
    I am really impressed for your Amma Nanna live show Programm ,I wanna download the title song…plz ….plz guys will u plz let me know hoe get the song,plz… mail me .
    i am waiting for ur reply

  56. vishnuprasad Says:

    hello………..sitara channel team.I want to know what is the name of the movie?,that you are showing on 8th december 2010 at noon time.please send me the name of the movie to my email.please

  57. prakash Says:

    plss can u tell me SMS CENTER number of sitara channel like gemini 55855 etc plsss

  58. priya Says:

    HI Sitara team , I am really I like your programm Amma Nanna plz i wanna to download the song. plz send me

  59. kalyan Says:

    hi sitara team please tell me the title song of amma nanna programm bcoz it is awesome

  60. K Navin Kumar Says:

    sitara is very good chanal

  61. manohar Says:

    Wen r u gng to restart ur channel . We r not gng y u stoped such a nice pgms in middle.

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