TANCUS launches Cable Art Television against Sun Direct

A new war is on between the Cable TV operators and the direct-to-home (DTH) service providers, especially Sun Direct.

In what seems to be a new dimension to the cable wars, subsequent to Sun Direct launching a Tamil comedy channel called Comedy Thirai on September 08, 2008, Tamil Nadu Cable TV Urimaiyalargal Sangam (TANCUS) launched Cable Art Television (CAT), a cable channel for the viewers on September 09, which has been airing a campaign against Sun TV’s DTH service from the past one year.

CAT is a Chennai based interactive channel offering film songs and comedy scenes on request, details on power cuts and traffic jams and other viewer-friendly information. What is intriguing is the channel’s campaign on the demerits of DTH service.

“Even an advanced nation like the US prefers cable TV services to DTH services as the latter is a failure model. Nearly 20 per cent TV homes in the US converted to DTH service. The number has now dropped to 6 per cent. DTH service does not address the problems faced by the consumers,” an print media advertisement of CAT reads.

However, Sun DTH poohpoohs the campaign as baseless gossip. “Cable services are not directed at the individual customers, and are delivered for a cluster of homes. Clarity of the broadcast is lost due to transmission losses in cable TV services. DTH enables digital quality transmission, and is as good as what the channels broadcast. We are offering customers a new choice, a choice of quality and clarity in receiving signals.” explains an official associated with Sun Direct.

Kayal Ilavarasu, president, TANCUS, who runs CAT, is bent on spreading the campaign against DTH across the state. “DTH service is trying to destroy the livelihoods of two and half lakh cable TV operators in the state. They will not succeed in this effort. We are just creating awareness among the public about the disadvantages of DTH like signal loss during cloudy weather. The campaign will be aired in 900 local cable channels across Tamil Nadu,” said Ilavarasu.


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