Its Official, Sun TV to float Sun Pictures for film production

Sun TV Network, India’s largest listed media network in terms of market capitalization, said on Monday it will start film production through its unit, Sun Pictures. The company did not disclose any financial details of the venture, but said it would open a new revenue stream and add to its movie library.

The official announcement confirms the story dated March 12, 2008, which said that Sun TV Network is gearing up to enter film production. It plans to produce at least 10 feature films each in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Kannada annually through Sun Pictures.

Sun’s initial focus will be on the Tamil cinema, before it moves to neighbouring markets. Sun TV Network has signed up with all leading players, including stars, directors and music directors in the Tamil film industry, reported exclusively earlier.

The entire funding for films will come from Sun TV Network, but every film will be produced on a commissioned basis, with a set of existing production houses being roped in as ‘executive producers’. For instance, the Tamil films will be handled by Radaan Mediaworks, promoted by actress Radika Saratkumar.

The move to directly get into film production is a natural extension for Sun, which has acquired almost 80 per cent of all the movies in the southern regional markets for well over a decade.

Sun TV currently operates 20 television channels in several regional languages and also operates radio stations.


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