Pogo to launch Hole in the Wall from July 28

Pogo, the kids’ channel, will launch an exciting game show called Hole in the Wall, from July 28 at 6 pm, airing every Monday to Friday.

Hole in the Wall will engage the audience with the challenging fumbles and stumbles of the participants, and is hosted by Cyrus Sahukar. The show format is licensed from FremantleMedia and is produced by Wizcraft Television in India.

Krishna Desai, director, programming, Turner International India, said, “Pogo is India’s first kids’ channel to acquire a format show. Research and the very successful shows such as Takeshi’s Castle, Just for laugh Gags, have demonstrated that shows with physical challenges and comic moments resonate high among Indian audiences. This encouraged us to bring Hole in the Wall, with its clutter breaking format to India.”

Each episode of the action-packed Hole in the Wall comprises of two teams with three contestants each, all dressed in special team-colour costumes with cushioned gears ready to face the wall and take on the opposition team.

As the moving wall speeds towards the waiting team player/s, they are required to align themselves to the weird cut out shape/s in the approaching wall, all in seven seconds or be swept into the pool. The game requires fast thinking, dexterity and clever teamwork to keep dry and score higher points.


10 Responses to “Pogo to launch Hole in the Wall from July 28”

  1. Pradeep Dua Says:


  2. Tony Says:

    Sir , with respect i need to request u that i have been seen “hold in the wall” for every episode thats really great for child and very interesting to watch it but we do not know that how to join the show so i would like you to mention something about how to enjoy the show .I am from Imphal, Manipur so please speak us on the show how to participate the show specially to north east people..i am waiting your response ….

    yours sincerely

  3. choosli Says:

    its nice
    P.S go ismillah

  4. choosli Says:

    go hagoo

  5. samrat Says:

    i am samrat and i have been following the game show hole in the wall regularly. it is a excellent show. plz let me know how to participate in the show.

  6. monti Says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee holl in the wall

  7. Sandeep Says:

    i am sandeep from police line faridabad and i want to take part in this game show i have heard that this is a very good song i want to know more about this game if u don’t mind ok thanks

  8. Raj Says:

    hi my name is raj. i m watching hole in the wall since many days. its a nice show but may i know how 2 participate in it??????????
    so please reply on the show…..


    I am from mumbai and i love this show very much. So i want to know how to participate in this show .


    I am from mumbai and i love this show very much. So i want to know how to participate in this show,can you reply me.

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