Latens provides its BCAS to Digicable Network India

Latens, the provider of downloadable software conditional access system (CAS) for digital Pay-TV, has been awarded the contract to provide its BCAS to Digicable Network India, to protect and enable a national broadcast cable Pay-TV network.

Latens BCAS is being deployed to cable subscribers over a HITS satellite distribution system that is part of Digicable’s nationwide roll-out plans, which will begin with 20 cable headends in major cities and then expand into other areas.

Jagjit Kohli, CEO, Digicable Network, says, “We are focused on delivering the future of television in India, and giving our customers the best viewing experience. We have a very experienced team, commercially and technically, and we are used to working with Conditional Access vendors.”

“Digicable Network India knew that we had to work without the costs and limitations of smart cards to create the advantage needed for the Indian market. We evaluated a number of potential solutions and Latens had the only viable solution in terms of security, functionality, scalability and cost of ownership savings.” Kohli said.

“We are pleased and proud to be working with Digicable on such a major deployment. Digicable’s management have worked extensively with Pay-TV and legacy CAS systems in India, so they really understood the benefits of deploying the Latens software CAS instead of smart cards.” says Jeremy Thorp, CEO, Latens.


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