NDTV Lumiere to participate in Osian’s Cinefan Festival

NDTV Lumiere, which brings world cinema through multiple platforms, is participating in Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival, 2008 by showcasing thirteen of its films from July 10 – 20, 2008.

Among these films are gems like Three Monkeys, The Secret of the Grain, and Thousand Years of Good Prayers. These films will also be presented to the Indian audiences in the coming months across multiple platforms ranging from theatrical releases to home video and television.

Dhruvank Vaidya, senior vice-president, new ventures, NDTV Imagine, said, “It is our pleasure to associate with Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival and further expand the World Cinema movement in India. This handpicked selection from the NDTV Lumiere collection is an exclusive opportunity for the audiences at Cinefan to savor some of our films, which will be shown to audiences within two months of its win at Cannes.”

“Film festivals and film clubs have a crucial role to play in expanding the world cinema movement in India. NDTV Lumiere is currently associated with several film societies in Mumbai like Prabhat Chitra Mandal and will continue to work closely with other film clubs and societies across the country.” Vaidya said.

NDTV Lumiere has earlier released The Orphanage, Caramel, Crossed Tracks and Persepolis. It is all set to release Goodbye Bafana, a film based on Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela, on his birthday July 18.


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