Kalaignar TV bags Dasavatharam satellite rights

Tamil movie Dasavatharam, has been purchased by Kalaignar TV for a whooping Rs 5 crore. This is yet another episode in the channel war between Kalaignar TV backed by the Tamil Nadu chief minister’s family and the Marans-owned Sun TV Network.

“It was very competitive bidding, and we have finally secured the rights for the Kamal Haasan Dasavatharam film. We have also secured the rights of Billa and Kuruvi movies and therefore have the largest library of films.” said a spokesman of Kalaignar TV.

Few years ago, Chandramukhi, the Rajnikanth film, went for a little less than Rs 3 crore for the satellite rights. Today, the lowest price for a new Tamil film is Rs 1 crore if it features a fairly well known hero.

Last year, Sivaji-The Boss, another Rajnikanth film, made headlines when both Sun TV and Kalaignar TV fought bitterly for the satellite rights and ultimately Kalaignar edged out Sun by reportedly striking a deal for Rs 5 crore. Dasavatharam will be the second big consecutive win for Kalaignar.

Sun TV, which continues to have the highest viewership in the state, however, seems to have met its match when it comes to bidding for films. Sun had made it a habit to bag all the new releases till Kalaignar was launched last year.

An Sun TV spokesperson says, “The exclusive satellite rights of 70% of films released in 2007 and this year are with us. This includes films like Chandramuki and Ghajini.”

The multi-faceted Kamal Haasan, who appears in 10 different roles in the film, starting from the 12th century Rangaraja Nambi to the present day scientist Govind, travels through centuries outwitting the enemies on his trail.

The release date of the Hindi version of Dasavatharam is postponed to June 27. Producer Aascar Ravichandran felt the two-week delay would help the Tamil and Telugu versions to make an impact, but Sony BMG, holding the audio rights, is keen on having the movie screened before the 100th day.


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