Jannat – Was it really Heaven?

Emraan Hashmi returns with none other than the Bhatt camp accompanied by some good music by Pritam. But this time the Bhatt camp brings to you debutant Kunal Deshmukh spearheading the direction and partnering Vishesh Bhatt on the screenplay. Vishesh also makes his debut as story writer.

‘Jannat’ is the story of a man caught in a quagmire of crime and consumerism as he struggles to find heaven on earth.

Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) is a reckless young man with an obsession for making money at card games. A chance meeting with a girl named Zoya (Sonal Chauhan) in a mall gives him the reasons he was looking for to move out of his ordinary life. He steps up from playing small-time card games to becoming a bookie.

Stuck in a triangle of sorts between the woman he loves and his addiction to make a quick buck, Arjun moves on from being a bookie to a runner for the mafia.

He steps into the world of match fixing. Arjun switches on the limelight to something bigger, better, and faster, until his dizzying rise attracts the attention of the police. Arjun has to now choose between the love of his life, Zoya, and this newfound success and power.

As Arjun struggles to choose between the two, the Don offers the forbidden fruit of limitless wealth in exchange of his soul and draws him into his core entourage of money spinners.

How far will the horizon of reality stretch as Arjun and Zoya tread a fine, fast-blurring line between right and wrong to find the heaven they have been looking for?

Kunal Deshmukh gets a great chance to prove quite a bit with his very first film but gets it extremely wrong. Firstly the story by Vishesh Bhatt isn’t well defined; Jannat is neither a movie on cricketers nor is it a love story. It’s just such a mix of undefined confusing events that take you nowhere.

The first half just tries to build up the events by portraying an obsessed Emraan and how unconvincingly debutant Sonal falls for our bollywood’s serial kisser. The dialogues of the film by Sanjay Masoom are so dull. Certain remarks made at cricketers and scenes involving Pakistani cricket players won’t certainly find favour with a large section of the audiences especially from Pakistan.

The second half too has nothing much to offer with the cops and bad guys enveloping poor Emraan and his love story.

The cinematography of the film by Manoj Soni has nothing in store in spite of locations such as Cape Town.

The music is the primary reason that keeps the audiences engrossed the music by Pritam and Kamran Ahmad’s ‘Judaai’ are already hit numbers. But many would be disappointed not to find Kamran’s male version of ‘Judaai’.

On the acting front Emraan does carry the style and attitude. He is indeed convincing as the bookie but the weak script makes the love story fall flat.

Sonal Chauhan struggles with her character. She isn’t convincing enough and fails majorly in a film where the writers wanted to express a tragic love story engulfed by obsession.

The supporting actors Jawed Sheikh , Samir Kocchar and Vishal Malhotra are terrific as per the demands of the script.

On the whole , Jannat is a poor tale from the Bhatt camp and it’s quite surprising that the camp that explores varying love stories such as ‘Who Lamhe’ and ‘Gangster’ and eventually convert them into massive hits ; fall flat in the process of gambling with a love story and encashing on the current cricket madness of the IPL.


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